High-Performance Cryptocurrencies that Could Thrill Traders — Petrousus Token, Kava Network, Tron


With crypto prices going down, there is much to speculate about the crypto market. Crypto traders and merchants are left with questions like “how long will the crypto winter last?” and so forth.

The crypto winter of 2022 had hit even the best crypto analysts. Not many people would have predicted the Luna crypto crash in May 2022. Also, not many people saw Bitcoin replicating the 2017 crypto crash to go down below $20,000 from nearly $70,000 in 2021.

One of the possible ways out of this mess is by researching the great crypto assets to buy and knowing when to buy them. High-performance cryptocurrencies are assets with long-term potential, and in this article, you’ll see three high-performance cryptos with the potential to thrill crypto traders.

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These cryptocurrencies include Petrousus Token (PSUS), Kava Network (KAVA), and Tron (TRX). Let’s see more about them below.

Kava Network (KAVA)

Kava Network is a super-fast network with the blueprints of Ethereum and Cosmos blockchain networks. It adopts the fast transactional capacity of Cosmos and the flexibility of Ethereum to offer scalable DeFi protocols such as collateralised lending and borrowing using the dollar-pegged USDX token.

Kava Network (KAVA) has been on a neutral sentiment since its partnership with SushiSwap, another decentralised crypto trading protocol on the Ethereum network. 

$KAVA’s price gains sent some hopes among traders. And as usual, many analysts would speculate high potential for the token. 

Kava Network is a renowned high-performance protocol, and its native currency used for transactional and energy purposes has been phenomenal in traction gains in the DeFi space.

$KAVA could be a great option for those who wish to buy tokens with huge potential and performance capabilities in the market.

Tron (TRX) Aims for a More Robust Ecosystem with a 100M Wallets Milestone

Tron has regularly been in the news partly due to its TronDAO move, coupled with regular collaboration and price movements in the crypto industry and market. The Tron Ecosystem is expanding at a much faster pace than analysts could have predicted. Moving its services to a full community-driven protocol gave Tron an edge over many competing blockchain networks.

In the late weeks of June, The Tron ecosystem celebrated its latest milestone—crossing 100 million crypto wallets. The news came after the Tron network was attacked, causing the de-pegging of the USDD stablecoin from $TRX.

However, the great news and many other press releases that included Tron’s mainnet’s four years in active service caused the leapfrogging of $TRX — although for a short-term gain.

Tron now ranks among the top blockchain network following its 100 million+ wallet milestone. It has powered (and is still powering) many DeFi protocols, especially GameFi and NFTs. It supported the launching of Bittorent’s blockchain infrastructure and helped install the $BTT token.

Tron ecosystem’s collaborations and sponsorships have created many use cases for $TRX and influenced its value in the coin market. A contributing factor to why $TRX is gaining huge trading volumes and adoption in the DeFi space.

Petrousus Token (PSUS), Ready to Explode?

Petrousus Token is another protocol with many prospects. It will feature a robust ecosystem to uphold Web3 and disrupt the DeFi space. Petrousus’ entire ecosystem will be powered by the Petrousus’ native token PSUS

PSUS is a new cryptocurrency set to explode after presale due to the robust integrations that will follow its IDO. Some of these integrations will include staking protocol, collateralised lending and borrowing, asset management, and asset reports, among other things.

Staking will be done using PSUS, with interest rates compounded in annual percentage yield or rates (APY). 

To maintain a balance in the protocol, Petrousus will employ anti-whale and anti-rug pull mechanisms, which involve limiting the transaction amount by a single entity at once. This protocol will be bound by smart contracts to avoid future compromises.

Like the other two cryptocurrencies listed, Petrousus will offer prospects faster and low-cost transactions. Its potential use cases will drive more liquidity to its DEX and offer greater value to the PSUS token.

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