Here’s Why You Should Not Miss Out on SUI And Uwerx(WERX)


As crypto enthusiasts prepare for another bull season, some crypto assets emerge as favorite picks. It is generally believed that the millionaires of the next bull market are determined by the decision they make in the preceding bear season. These decisions will include buying low-cap cryptocurrencies with tremendous growth potential, finding the best gems in the market, or buying into the right memecoin.

The one-size-fits-all strategy to make profit is to find the right play, but that’s the tough part. SUI and Uwerx are two top choices for crypto enthusiasts looking to milk the coming bull season for good profit.

Uwerx(WERX): The Ultimate Play Towards The Bull Season

Uwerx is entering the market as a unique blockchain-based solution for the freelance industry, and many smart investors have entered the early presale event. Uwerx(WERX) is on presale, and it’s often a smart choice to buy tokens that early and sell off for profit after launch.

Even better is if the project has solid utility and could revolutionize the global gig economy. According to Forbes, the need for hiring remote freelancers has significantly increased as businesses overcome one of the main problems of using remote freelancer platforms as they grow accustomed to working remotely.

The freelance industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, and Uwerx presents the gig economy with what it needs. Blockchain helps decentralize the gig economy so that independent workers can find better opportunities, make more money for themselves without exorbitant fees, and have a voice towards feature additions and several other desired developments on their preferred platform.

Uwerx will charge as low as a 1% flat fee, protect intellectual property rights and help freelancers find more opportunities in the gig economy. In addition, Uwerx will be able to incentivize activity on its platform with its native token, WERX.

Unlike predominant platforms, Uwerx will also allow users to process payments with cryptocurrencies, eradicating the friction of currency exchanges worldwide.

Uwerx presale is on and presents a unique opportunity to get in and make some profit.

SUI Has Good Potential For Growth

The Sui main net officially launched on May 3, and considering how fresh it is in the market, there’s still a lot of room to grow and maybe some profit. It’s a new designated Proof-of-Stake network that uses the new programming language, Move, the same as Aptos(APT).

The network was designed to facilitate the adoption of Web3, and that’s quite a future to bet on. The project offered presale spots to early network testers, and members entered the presale with $45 claiming 1500 tokens. SUI’s price at launch was around $1.4 per token, and it has stayed above $1 since then.

This is a 5,000% profit from the initial presale price, and an even better opportunity is available with Uwerx presale as WERX sells at $0.0225.

Join The Uwerx(WERX) As Soon As Possible

Uwerx Phase 4 presale is ongoing, and at the initial price of $0.0125, early buyers are guaranteed an even better return than SUI. Uwerx’s presale price will not remain the same and will increase as more money is raised. The projected final presale price is $0.115; at that price, that’s already some guaranteed profit before launch.

Uwerx has been audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof and vetted to offer a secure ICO process. The token’s liquidity will also be locked for 25 years after launch as an anti-rug mechanism to make liquidity equally available to all users who would be trading the coin. This is an exciting opportunity for smart investors lucky enough to get in early and also earn the 20% bonus offer currently on in Stage 4.

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