Here’s Why You Need to Add BudBlockz (BLUNT) To Your Crypto Wallet


Cryptocurrency markets have experienced recovery in 2023, helping investors across the sector. There are also increased benefits for those looking to invest in early-stage projects with many new tokens that could potentially soar soon and become extremely valuable.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, according to numerous experts. It is a new crypto asset that may emerge as one of the most profitable options in the sector. The BLUNT cryptocurrency is currently available on presale at very attractive prices.


BudBlockz: A One-stop Destination to Invest in Top-quality Cannabis Products

The global cannabis market cap may hit the $176.5 billion mark by 2030. It was valued at around $25 billion during the pandemic. Demands for top-quality products grew in 2021 and the market kept growing at a 23.9% growth rate.

Up to 44% of Americans can buy recreational cannabis legally. 50% of consumers have increased their consumption and now they seek better quality products. BudBlockz has the potential to become their favorite destination to buy cannabis at the fairest rates.

Built to Benefit Cannabis Enthusiasts

Millions of people can access and use cannabis in the USA. Most of them rely on local vendors and a few companies for their needs. BudBlockz aims to break the monopoly of a few giant firms. It is on a mission to boost adoption. Professionalizing logistics to increase accessibility and better data management are some of the innovative solutions that BudBlockz will implement in the future.

More than 30 countries have decriminalized cannabis. Buying and selling cannabis is legal in 18 US states and many more may follow. BudBlockz will be the first decentralized platform to provide access to the finest products. It will allow producers, sellers, and buyers from all over the world to communicate and trade on a single platform.


Digitizing Real-world Products

BudBlockz will emerge as a reliable e-commerce platform for cannabis. Platform developers aim to promote the finest products grown across the globe. In addition, they are using NFT technology to digitize real products, verify eligible users, and protect users’ data.

The BudBlockz platform will rely on progressive blockchain developments to facilitate the cannabis trade globally. It is using Ganja Guruz NFTs to offer access to its services and has minted 10,000 in total. Users will need the NFTs to access the fractional ownership market and become verified members. They can buy and store these NFTs in ERC-20-compatible crypto wallets. In addition, holders can use the KYC application to gain fractional ownership and other benefits. They will have to buy and hold the Ganja Guruz NFTs in their wallets to avail these associated benefits.

To mint your own BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT visit:

Once on the page click the “Mint Now” button and connect your ERC-20 compatible wallet. You will be able to mint your Ganja Guruz NFT for 0.09 ETH.

Establishing Farms and Dispensaries to Distribute the Best Products

BudBlockz has decided to establish farms and open dispensaries in compliant locations. Verified members will be able to buy products directly from those dispensaries.

The platform will also collaborate with new businesses and help them grow in target regions. Additionally, community members can invest funds in new establishments and gain profit as the business grows. The BudBlockz platform will administer farms, dispensaries, ownership, and profits. Interested members will have to complete the KYC to prove their eligibility for participation.

Offering Fractional Ownership to Share Profits

Many people wish to gain exposure in cannabis-related businesses, and BudBlockz is making it easy for investors to invest in farms and dispensaries. It provides fractional ownership of businesses. Newcomers to the sector will not know the legal requirements and difficulties associated with opening dispensaries and establishing cannabis farms. So BudBlockz will manage everything and share a fair profit with its users as the business grows.

What is the Blunt Token and Why Should You Hold It in Your Crypto Wallet?

The BLUNT token is an ERC-20 token launched by BudBlockz. This platform will use BLUNT as the native utility token to provide liquidity within the ecosystem. Users will need this token to make and receive crypto payments.

Users will need the BLUNT Token to access BudBlockz’s NFT marketplace and acquire Ganja Guruz NFTs. This new cryptocurrency will help investors gain fractional ownership and register potentially huge profits. Therefore, it may draw millions of cannabis enthusiasts and become a prominent crypto asset soon. Buy the BLUNT cryptocurrency now and you may reap the rewards soon.

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