Here’s Why BudBlockz Will Overtake Apecoin in 2023


Sentiments in the once burgeoning Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Space have taken a significant hit. Apecoin and other projects, once the poster child of the sector, has taken a significant beating as investors continue to flee riskier assets. However, experts are increasingly pointing out that the future belongs to projects that combine the power of NFTs with high utility. BudBlockz ticks all the boxes as a project well-positioned to overtake Apecoin in 2023.

Apecoin vs. BudBlockz Utility

Apecoin has come under immense pressure on investors shunning riskier assets amid the inflationary pressures and uncertainty triggered by the implosion of the FTT token and Terra Stablecoin. However, the project’s long-term prospects are correlated to the price of the Bored Ape non-fungible tokens.

Following the collapse of NFT prices in recent months, Apecoin has moved to create value by pushing for real-world products based on the Bored Ape brand. It is also banking on the long-term build-out of the metaverse, expected to be a growth catalyst.

Amid the struggles and uncertainty, BudBlockz could overtake Apecoin in 2023 as it moves to disrupt the rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry. Unlike Apecoin, which banks on NFTs, BudBlockz banks on several decentralized solutions, including NFT’s smart contracts, decentralized finance, and play-to-earn gaming spectacle.

$BLUNT Token Utility

$BLUNT is a multi-utility asset built on the Ethereum ERC20 token that will act as a medium of exchange in the ecosystem. The token is to power the first fully decentralized cannabis e-commerce platform that will allow people to purchase cannabis securely and in a decentralized way.

The groundbreaking ecommerce cannabis marketplace should allow BudBlockz to tap into the growing cannabis industry amid the legalization and decriminalization push. In addition, the $BLUNT tokens powering the ecosystem will come with a fixed supply of 420M coins making them immune to inflation.

While the focus is on the cannabis platform, it is not the only thing that will make BudBlockz overtake Apecoin in 2023.   The project is betting big on the Non­Fungible Token spectacle. The unveiling of strong 10,000 Ganja Guruz tokens that will offer holders benefits should allow BudBlockz to take Ape Coin’s Bored Ape Yachts head-on.

The Ganja Guruz tokens will accord holders membership rights to all BudBlockz dispensaries worldwide and discount codes for products available in stores. Holders will also enjoy fractional ownership of cannabis farms, dispensaries, and manufacturing facilities. In addition, an NFT marketplace in place will allow people to create, buy and sell an array of tokenized real-life assets.

BudBlockz’s competitive edge against Apecoin also stems from its focus on Decentralized Finance. It has already established BudSwap, a decentralized exchange platform allowing people to make and receive cryptocurrencies. The platform will also allow people to borrow and lend funds from one another.

Bottom Line

BudBlockz has what it takes to take over from Apecoin in 2023 by combining the power of NFTs and high utility in its ecosystem. The groundbreaking project has what it takes to succeed in developing the first decentralized cannabis platform and establishing a Decentralized Finance platform. Its line of NFTs also has what it takes to compete against Apecoin’s Bored Ape NFTs by offering numerous benefits.

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