Here’s Why BudBlockz (BLUNT) Upsets Crypto Giants Like Cardano (ADA) And Ripple (XRP)


Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, many people in the blockchain space consider Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) as some of the other crypto giants. However, the reasons differ from person to person, with some citing market caps while others refer to the number of dApps, transaction volumes, developer activities and more. 

However, newer names like BudBlockz (BLUNT) are steadily gaining traction and look set to join the higher ranks of the crypto sector. Let’s explore the possible reasons why BudBlockz upsets established projects like Cardano and Ripple.

Targeted economic empowerment

While many crypto giants are trying to make money transfers cheaper, they need to address the other barriers, such as those that leave many unbanked or make businesses struggle to get customers. Most adopters still have to pitch this technology to other people so they can use it together.

However, BudBlockz is doing more than providing the BLUNT token as a medium of exchange for people trading in cannabis products. They offer a platform where numerous dispensaries and farms can gain more visibility from interested parties, whether retail consumers or investors. 

Basically, BudBlockz is saying, “Here’s a tool you can use to trade, and here are some people you can trade with.” By doing so, associated cannabis businesses get free publicity as BLUNT holders always look for businesses that accept BLUNT. These brands are also associated with a higher quality of marijuana and improved business practices.


Many projects introduce staking within their ecosystems while their complementary developments are still in the research or testing phases. Others also fail to strategically distribute their tokens in a manner that grows their economies while also advancing their technology.

So, over time, they become pump-and-dump playgrounds or ghost chains (those with no meaningful transaction activity). Luckily, BudBlockz has sidestepped these mishaps by facilitating various activities, including cannabis trading, NFT minting and collection, and play-to-earn gaming.  

The team has also properly structured the BLUNT token rollout with a phased presale, and progressively varied availability of tokens to ensure that all categories of participants are adequately catered to. Consequently, it’s no surprise that over 60 million tokens have been sold, indicating immense interest in the project. 

People see it as one that strikes the perfect middle-ground between feature development, price stability, long-term growth and economic empowerment through diverse income streams. 


Layer 1 projects like Cardano, Ripple and the like have struggled to clarify their status in conjunction with regulators – are they commodities or securities? This makes some exchanges hesitant to list them, and innovators remain skeptical about building on these layers. 

In contrast, BudBlockz is built on Ethereum, a commodity. Additionally, enhancements of this base layer have progressed in tandem with open dialogue with regulators to maintain clarity. This has resulted in more people flocking to its ecosystem to access tokens like BLUNT. 

More importantly, BudBlockz has zoomed in on regulations specific to its primary target (the cannabis industry) and ensured clarity on who can trade using BLUNT, where they can buy marijuana products from, and who can invest. As a result, participants within the BudBlockz ecosystem easily know what’s legal and what isn’t, encouraging adoption. 

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