Headhunter is Solving Storage and Showcasing Problems in the NFT World

CryptoMode Headhunter NFT

HeadHunter provides an innovative platform to solve the display and storage challenges facing artists and collectors in the NFT and DeFi marketplaces. 

After an explosive start to the year that saw the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem grow into a billion-dollar market, things have started to cool off in the space as creators, artists, and collectors find it a challenge to store and display their collectibles to the world. 

Ask any art collector (whether physical or digital art) or artist on what pleases them most in their craft – and you’ll most certainly receive an answer leaning towards, “people appreciating the art, music, or any other collectible”. 

Despite the NFT universe growing into its own mold, multiple challenges have slowed the adoption rate in the space – two of the toughest being, where to showcase your digital art and how to safely secure your art. 

Launched in 2021, HeadHunter aims to solve these key issues via its interactive and multi-chain NFT storage network while combining the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) in its protocol governance and profit-sharing model. 

HeadHunter, a digital art marketplace, aims to solve the tenacious challenges of display and storage facing collectors and artists in the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. HH provides customizable trophy rooms and a marketplace interconnected through a central hub world in an effort to open up digital artists’ work to the world. 

Apart from the innovative solutions offered to users, the NFT hub also introduces the concept of decentralized governance and profit-sharing models via its collection of Heads (or HeadHunter NFTs). The connection to decentralized finance (DeFi) brings opportunities to the field and unlocks the potential of the NFT ecosystem in finance. 

Created and designed by RektMeRev, known for the DontBuyMeme platform with over $36 million market cap, HeadHunter provides users with interactive and open private virtual islands/parcels containing trophy rooms. The trophy rooms are open and secure marketplaces that artists and collectors can display and/or sell their art pieces to the general public and other collectors. 

According to the project’s website, the project aims at “creating a tangible and intuitive NFT marketplace for collectors and artists alike” via an all-in-one Hub world. The self-customizable trophy rooms also allow NFT market participants to display, view, or sell their digital collections in a secure and open marketplace.

The platform consists of a total of 666 Heads, all created by RektMeRev, each providing a private key to the virtual islands/parcels. Heads collectors are allowed access to trophy rooms within their virtual islands to arrange and hang their Heads or other NFTs on “walls” in whatever way they see fit. Moreover, trophy room owners can also rent out free space on their walls to third-party apps to showcase their NFTs. 

Heads holders also enjoy multiple advantages on HeadHunter including access to the platform’s interactive NFT marketplace that trades under a “Barter and Partial Barter” principle. This principle allows holders to trade “NFT X for NFT Y or a portion of NFT X and NFT Y for NFT Z.” 

Finally, the Heads collection also opens up the platform’s governance to every holder as well as sharing the profit made on the platform from third parties and fees. 

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