Hawex IO and new products in the fintech market

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Implementation of fintech and Web3.0 developments into the modern financial market significantly transforms the usual formats of doing business. Hawex IO, a European fintech company, is a multifunctional payment ecosystem that offers users the best components from the world of fiat and the world of digital currencies. The possibilities of digital currencies are growing and becoming much more accessible than users can imagine.

Integrate into new markets with Hawex IO payment services

When developing its fintech solutions, Hawex IO is guided by the goal of making financial services as capacious and accessible to the user as possible. Compliance with security protocols, user-friendly interface, the latest fintech developments and multifunctional software is what Hawex IO puts into all its solutions. Hawex IO provides both business services such as Internet acquiring and PSP solutions, as well as retail banking products such as Hawex Mobile and SaaS exchange.

Hawex IO specializes in financial services that meet the current needs of the modern market. The development team has extensive experience in combining various software solutions to create a complete working service. Hawex IO is moving more and more services to its own developments in order to create a single financial ecosystem. Merchants and users can interact with each other in the language of global finance without unnecessary restrictions within the Hawex IO financial services ecosystem. In particular, Hawex IO PSP solutions provide an option for convenient payment routing, making up the most profitable payment scenario. Also, Hawex IO PSP creates large-scale integrations with partner banks in order to offer its services in large geographic areas.

Hawex IO fintech services are suitable not only for merchants who want to scale their business, but also for users who have decided to enter the international financial market with their own product. Thus, the Hawex consulting department provides technical and legal support for start-ups and emerging companies. In contact with Hawex IO, such customers receive a fully operational infrastructure ready to go to market immediately.

Hawex IO financial ecosystem is a solution for businesses and individuals

In its developments, Hawex IO also takes into account the needs of individuals who interact with digital currency and want to use it in their daily needs. This year, the company released its Hawex Mobile banking application, which turns individuals’ digital currencies into a universal means of payment without the usual restrictions users face. With Hawex Mobile users can purchase goods and services without additional conversions into the desired currency.

Hawex Mobile primarily provides the user with financial independence. He can realize his accumulation of digital currencies as he wants and when he wants. For example, a merchant accepts payment for their goods and services only in fiat, while a buyer wants to pay in digital currency. Outside the Hawex system, the buyer would have to perform many actions in order to transfer the digital currency to the desired payment format. Hawex Mobile shortens the distance between the buyer and the seller. Аll the necessary conversions are carried out through the internal processes of the application. Thus, the buyer sends digital currency, and the seller receives fiat funds to his account.

Hawex IO retail banking products for individuals and fintech services for businesses create a large-scale financial ecosystem. This ecosystem integrates all the software necessary to interact with the world of fiat and the world of digital currencies without obstacles. Hawex IO optimizes the resources of its team and uses innovative methods in building a workflow to ensure a smooth and productive development process.

In the near future, Hawex IO will expand its integrations with partner banks and strengthen the range of such retail services as Internet acquiring and digital currency processing, so that entrepreneurs have even more opportunities to introduce their projects to the fintech market. In turn, Hawex Mobile and SaaS exchange create an affordable entry point to the fintech market for individuals. Hawex IO aims to make its financial ecosystem universal.

The speed of payment transit, the legality of transactions and the security of software are the main criteria for Hawex IO products.


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