Hawaiian Geese to be Rescued and Befriended by Gorillas at Grand Mansion

Hawaiian Geese to be Rescued and Befriended by Gorillas at Grand Mansion

Grand Goose Mansion is one of the first metaverse projects in the world. And anyone can settle in it after letting out at least one goose.

What geese are we talking about?

Hawaiian goose is an endangered bird species. There are very few of them left, the founders of the Grand Goose Mansion intend to save these cute birds. To do this, a community is being created, managed by a Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which will decide how to manage the common funds. But even before the creation of the DAO, the Grand Goose Mansion begins to help save the Hawaiian geese. $10000 will be donated to a zoo in Hawaii to help keep real Hawaiian geese alive in the beautiful ponds and not out of extinction. Anyone who wants to participate can mint an NFT pegged to one of 7777 unique goose pictures. Yes, each picture is unique with its design, this is their special value. But there are some special features, which have not yet been revealed. And they make being in the geesverse even more fun. The founders say:

– We would like to explore and venture into a lot of things with this special creature, and all we ask is that you come on this fun ride with us as we build a community that will stand against all odds.

What sets this project apart is a motorcade of generosity. So far, there has not been such a metaverse project where users get as many bonuses and hidden bonuses, gifts, and cash prizes as in the GGM geesverse. And that’s not counting charity.

What bonuses are we talking about? There are some special Geese in Grand Goose Mansion. Goose #1111, #2222, #3333 will get 1 ETH each right after 50% minting program. After 100% mint Goose #4444, #5555, #6666, #7777 right after minting will get the same amount of Ethereum. Interesting? This is just the beginning!

$100,000 will be donated to the DAO community immediately after mint, and the authority to vote on how to utilize the funds will be delegated to everyone who owns the NFT.

Well, and the same amount of money goes to 5 lucky Geese! This is not a trap. They said five clever Money Geese woke up in some kind of repository in GGM. Users who will be lucky and let out Money Geese will get $20000 each.

Let’s move forward. Airdrop will be running soon after minting. NFT holders will be dropped with free GGM tokens. The tokens will skyrocket and produce profits for holders, the very Xs that everyone dreams of.

As for charity, in the future, it will most likely be directed by the DAO. Now the Launch roadmap says that after 50% mint, the sum of $10,000 goes to charity. And the same amount will be donated after 100% mint.

Popular promotions among crypto community users such as airdrop and bounty are in focus too in Grand Goose Mansion. They will be started after the sell-off.

Some details:

– for early friends and those who are whitelisted, a presale will be available where you can buy the NFT at a lower price. A total of 1,000 NFTs will be sold during the presale. The rest will go on public sale and will be sold on fair terms;

– to be whitelisted, you need to fulfill some simple conditions. For example, have a Goose profile picture, invite 3 active people to the server, or complete one of the bounty tasks. Details are announced on Discord;

– you may buy no more than 3 NFTs on the site But on the OpenSea marketplace, you can buy as much as you want, no limits;

– reveal on OpenSea will be in 48 hours after 100% sell-off;

– each Goose will be airdropped with GGM token. And it is promised that promotion and marketing activities will let GGM fly sky-high;

– each Goose, every minter, and holder of a Goose gets one airdropped Gorilla. One Gorilla goes to each account that holds a Goose from the day of minting. Grand Gorilla Mansion is GGM Collection 2.0 with unique pictures of brutal gorillas. This will be a metaverse expansion, geese and gorillas are both inhabitants of the Grand mansion;

– finally, all the users who have at least one NFT will be invited to the Grand Mansion Party, which will be held at the biggest and most luxurious Mansion in a world-famous city to be chosen by the Flock DAO;

– want to stand out before the party? Visit the GGM Online Merch Store. The official merch designs will be released 30 days after the Gorilla Mint.

Are you waiting for something? Follow the GGM project at,, and Discord for sure.

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