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Hashflow (HFT) Announces The List on Cryptocurrency Trading Platform MEXC and Binance on November 7

MEXC Global will list Hashflow on November 7, 13:00(UTC) with Binance together, and users will be able to trade their native token HFT(HFT/USDT). Meanwhile, MEXC has launched a deposit competition for HFT, and the total prize pool is 5000MX.

Hashflow (HFT) is a decentralized exchange that supports cross-chain interoperability. It can link users with professional market makers and aims to provide zero slippage, low GAS fee, and MEV-protected trading experience. Currently, Hashflow has supported public chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB.

The core advantages of Hashflow include zero slippage, no impermanent loss, bridgeless cross-chain swaps, and MEV(Miner Extractable Value)-resistance.

Hashflow adopts the request-for-quote (RFQ) model to allow professional market makers to manage liquidity pools, which differs from AMMs that generate high slippage during transactions. RFQ includes off-chain pricing functions and on-chain settlement. Professional market makers can bridge CeFi prices with DeFi through Hashflow and do this in a trustless and easy-to-use way. Meanwhile, users can get the same price on DeFi as they see on MEXC.

Hashflow enables the native-to-native swap function where users no longer need to rely on cross-chain bridges prone to problems. It should be noted that Hashflow does not rely on external bridges or require users to escrow their assets on the source chain to mint a bridged asset on the destination chain.

According to public information, Hashflow has raised funding of $3.2 million, and the investors include Dragonfly Capital, Electric Capital, Alameda Research, Metastable Capital, Galaxy Digital, etc.

According to public information, MEXC, established on April 2018, is one of the world’s Top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms. The core products include spot trading, leveraged ETF, futures, NFT Index, Staking, etc. As of September 2022, the platform has exceeded 10 million users, and the platform’s cryptocurrency liquidity has already ranked first in the world. In addition to supporting more than 160 cryptocurrency futures trading, it also supports more than 1,600 cryptocurrency spot tradings and more than 400 cryptocurrency ETF tradings. MEXC is the trading platform with the fastest listing speed and the most abundant trading assets.

According to M-Research, among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2021, MEXC listed the top five: SHIB, GALA, FTM, and MANA. From 2019, nearly 100 other projects, including public chain, DeFi, GameFi, Layer2, Metaverse, DAO, Meme sectors, etc., such as DOT, OP, UNI, APT, GLMR, etc., have been listed on Binance successively. MEXC is ‘the first stop for quality projects.’

As of October 27, among MEXC’s 2022 debut projects, 150 projects have increased by more than 10%. Among them, 65 projects have an increase of 10%-100%, 86 projects have an increase of more than 100%, and the highest increase of a single project is between 166% and 479,900%.


Company Name: MEXC

Name: Jenny Sun


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