Harness Your Alumni Connections as Influence Networks

influence networks

In business, who you know is more important than what. Professionals of all ages understand the importance of networking, but few know where to start. The simple truth is that your network is larger than you realize. An old classmate or coworker could connect you with applications, promotions, or investments in your new business.


Alumni influence networks are commonly associated with colleges, but businesses use them too. 98% of Fortune 500 companies have an alumni program. Colleges maintain alumni programs to raise money for the school. Meanwhile, businesses use them to drive referrals and increase sales. Member benefits in both include community, mentorship, and access to exclusive professional opportunities.


Don’t lose touch with old classmates or coworkers! If you see an alumni doing something you’re interested in, message them through email or LinkedIn. You never know what your network can offer you when you’re willing to take that single first step.

The Power of Influence Networks
Infographic provided by: AcademicInfluence.com

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