In the cryptocurrency world, very few people pay for something they can get for free otherwise. Casa, a Bitcoin startup focusing on hardware network node solutions, is open-sourcing its project entirely. a

It was a matter of time until the company had to enforce a crucial change.

Casa Must Undergo Crucial Changes

Albeit its hardware node solution is appealing, it can be put together by anyone for far less money.

For Casa, this forces a key change in how they approach the business.

The hardware project will be removed completely and all code is to be made open-source. 

Moreover, the front office as the company will undergo major changes as well.

Both the CEO and head of products will be leaving the company shortly.

Rather than focus on hardware, Casa now bets big on its subscription service.

This is despite shipping over 2,000 hardware nodes to clients in dozens of countries.

In the world of decentralization, paid hardware is often the wrong business model.

Instead, a subscription service for core software will work out a lot better.

Interestingly, the Casa team doesn’t expect this change to impact revenue in a major way.

It also appears that the firm will integrate with Coldcard fairly soon.

As such, there is still plenty to look forward to.

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