Hacker Targets Pro-XRP Attorney John Deaton To Promote An Unknown Altcoin

CryptoMode Twitter Deaton Hack

Amid the clamor of the crypto sphere, a disturbing event unfolded. John Deaton, a reputable advocate for XRP, found himself in the throes of an unrelenting cyber attack on June 4th. This unexpected intrusion didn’t merely target his phone but also signaled an aggressive wave of digital assault spreading over several days.

Hackers Hijack The Deaton Twitter Account

Adding to the chaos, the malefactors infiltrated CryptoLaw, an influential Twitter account curated by Deaton. Notably, this attorney has been ardently defending over 76,000 XRP token holders in a high-stakes lawsuit against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

As the hack unfurled, a suspicious tweet emerged from Deaton’s account. Quickly addressing the confusion, CryptoLaw confirmed that the tweet originated from the hackers, not Deaton, and affirmed that immediate remedial measures were underway.

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In an unfortunate twist, the hacking episode overlapped with Deaton’s birthday celebrations, which saw an outpouring of wishes from the entire crypto community. Intriguingly, the tweets circulated by the hackers touted a low-profile cryptocurrency token known as LAW. 

Recognized for his tenacious stance against regulatory enforcement imposed by US agencies, Deaton’s clout within the crypto community is indisputable.

Misinformation and Manipulation in the Cryptocurrency Market

These disturbing events underscore the significant risk posed by the spread of disinformation and manipulative financial data within the cryptocurrency market. Traders frequently lean on insights from industry trailblazers, making such deceptive acts particularly dangerous. 

Not only do they destabilize the market, but they also grant regulators further justification for treating the industry with heightened vigilance.

In the face of this cyber onslaught, Deaton displayed admirable promptness. He contacted his Twitter followers through his daughter, Jordan Deaton’s Twitter account, urging them to report the hacking incident. His plea wasn’t ignored.

XRP Community Unites, Raising Awareness and Reporting the Hack

Several XRP community members rose to the occasion, echoing Deaton’s appeal and circulating tweets to spread awareness. Twitter user Osakar Arnarson provided a helpful guide for others, detailing a step-by-step process to report the hacked account. Subsequently, dozens of additional users chimed in, affirming they had successfully reported the incident.

Events like these highlight the urgency of cybersecurity in today’s digital age, especially within the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. As displayed by Deaton and his followers, vigilance, rapid response, and community solidarity prove critical.

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