Guilt-Free Gaming: How the Impact Arcade Lets Gamers Make a Difference Through Play

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The rise of blockchain gaming has been sensational. The digital ownership potential of the blockchain for in-game assets, the ability to create ‘real’ in-game economies, and the opportunity to reward the playerbase for supporting a gaming ecosystem has led to tremendous uptake – both in development time and user hours – in web3 gaming.

Yet the blockchain can do far more than just power up in-game economies, it has the ability to change the world. Through it, you can link user playtime to resources spent achieving social missions that will define our planet for generations. Tokenized automatic reward models and an immutable ledger combine to create the perfect ‘accounting’ system when moving something intangible – player’s progress in a virtual world – to the tangible – saving our oceans from plastic (for example).

What is Impact Arcade?

Impact Arcade is a socially-conscious gaming ecosystem that gives players a chance to enjoy playing world-class mobile and browser games while making a real difference to the world through a range of charitable activities integrated into the ecosystem as a whole. The ‘regenerative gaming studio’ will be a hub of gaming and web3 activity and linchpin of a global environmental campaign.

It captures the trend of gaming going on-chain and utilises it to facilitate impact donations to important causes. It aims to create ‘guilt-free gaming’, whereby players who would otherwise spend their time doing something ultimately fruitless, can instead still enjoy playing games but know their playtime and involvement is directly contributing to something better. Gaming is already big business, driving nearly $¼ trillion of economic value per year, and is something enjoyed by billions of people around the world.

How Gaming and Social Causes Can Be Linked

With Impact Arcade, gaming can not only be big business, it can be great business – in the sense it can leave a powerful legacy that improves our planet for future generations. That economic activity can be easily throughput to world-changing missions in a way that benefits player and campaigner alike.

The campaigns involve the planting of trees, removing ocean plastic, protecting rainforest, capturing and removing carbon from the atmosphere, and other causes identified by the UN as they work towards sustainable development goals.

The process is administered by Dollar Donation Club, who have a strong web2 presence and already work with world-renowned scientists, innovators and researchers towards financing foundational projects in the environmental space. They have an integrated vetting system for ensuring dollars go to where they say they will, and ensure donors’ donations are used to maximum effect.

In launching Impact Arcade, they recently received investment from the pioneering Polygon to help create a stable of games that match the very best in the market for quality and educate and inspire as much as they entertain.

How Impact Arcade Works

Impact Arcade works by connecting fun, edifying games to social causes. In their launch title, Impactman, players will gobble up ocean plastic while attempting to avoid polluting “ghost nets.” As they play, they will be able to track their highscore and their playtime – both of which will directly translate to real-world charitable activity.

By playing the games, users will earn tickets, which they can redeem for prizes – exactly as you would in the old-fashioned arcades of youth. Prizes include sustainable products and more. As they play, a user’s account will level up, and will track minutely the contributions they have made to sustainability causes. For the best and most dedicated, there will also be a chance to share in the protocol’s success through the Play2Own model that has already caused shockwaves in the current gaming industry.

Impactman is just the first of many games due to be released in 2023 by Impact Arcade. Carbon Crush, for example, is a match-3 game akin to Candy Crush wherein instead of fuelling King Game’s microtransaction empire, you are helping to plant trees through prestigious, vetted partners.

Once again, it’s guilt-free gaming. Gaming is addictive, but with Impact Arcade, that needn’t be a problem. The games in the Impact Arcade span multiple genres, and over time the regenerative gaming studio plans to create a vast library of games that touch upon every major genre in the industry. In time, Impact Arcade may become the ultimate casual gaming hub, a Newgrounds for the modern generation, with every user contributing actively to making the world a better place.

The True Mission Starts Now

The modern generation is more environmentally conscious than ever before. They have to be. The destruction wrought upon the globe in the last 100 years has accelerated issues to their breaking point, and it will be incumbent upon those living to do something about it. Perhaps it’s natural then, that people retreat into fantasy gaming universes where things aren’t quite so bad.

However, that retreat could, with Impact Arcade’s help, be an advance. We all know that gaming is this generation’s main cultural vessel, with the industry worth more than music and movies combined. Combining these two primary consciousnesses of current generational interest is a fantastic opportunity to spark real global change – and that’s what Impact Arcade is doing. Their closed beta launches in Q1 2023. Head over to the Impact Arcade website and join their Discord to sign up and be part of a movement tailor-made for the interests and passions of people today.

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