GryffinDAO, Dogecoin, And ApeCoin Are A Perfect Fit For Long-Term, High-Value Cryptos


The trading volumes of cryptocurrency tokens have skyrocketed in the past few years. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and meme coins are changing the financial services landscape by driving technology use and financial inclusion. Moreover, with a slew of advantages, cryptocurrencies have even multinational corporations convinced about the impact they fuel.  If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and are unsure where to start, you can begin your investment journey by researching top buys like GryffinDAO (GDAO), Dogecoin (DOGE), and ApeCoin (APE). Here’s a brief look into some of their most compelling features.

GryffinDAO: Combining Robust Security And Decentralised Governance Strategies

GryffinDAO is a decentralised interoperable platform that facilitates permissionless cross-border digital transactions while serving as a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The GryffinDAO platform has launched its native token, GDAO, which can be used for a host of transactional purposes like yield farming, staking, earning rewards, and voting rights, among others. The GDAO Token can be purchased on presale. The native token is built on a deflationary model that enables the platform to keep price fluctuations in check. In addition, most newly-minted tokens have a vesting period of up to 60 days, further shielding investor interest against market volatility. Moreover, token holders can look forward to earning voting rights by ownership. With these voting rights, users can pitch proposals for plans of new additions and developments to the platform. They can also vote on similar proposals floated by others. 

Understanding the importance of security, the platform has a robust security mechanism to woo its users. GryffinDAO’s security architecture includes regular audits, multiple signature authentication, locked liquidity bootstrapping, and web security, among other features. The platform also reserves a certain percentage of the GDAO Tokens to maintain the GryffinDAO platform, maintain liquidity pools, marketing efforts, payment of exchange fees, and community support. 

The GryffinDAO gaming platform also hosts a wide array of rare NFT collections. It also enables its members to mint NFTs, which may also find a place in the gaming ecosystem. The feature offers users an additional source of revenue while amping up their gaming experience. Here too, users can use their GDAO Token to purchase NFTs. For every NFT floated for sale, the GryffinDAO generates a smart contract that monitors, manages, and permits transactions between sellers and buyers in the marketplace. The gaming system doubles up as an NFT marketplace and offers a robust customer support system, and users can avail help via live chat or call. 

The GDAO Token can be purchased at attractive prices during the presale period. It is an upcoming new token that could potentially witness a rally once it gets listed on major exchanges. 

Dogecoin Remains The Undisputed Leader Among Meme Coins For Now

Preferred by meme enthusiasts worldwide, Dogecoin is among the world’s most popular meme coins. The Dogecoin platform has its own native coin, DOGE, that can be used for staking and all other transactional purposes. The platform has the added advantage of a digital wallet. There are two kinds of wallets available for Dogecoin users. While the MultiDoge option syncs with blockchain systems via skimming, resulting in fast sync times, the Dogecoin Core syncs when downloaded. The DOGE Token is widely used for processing payments across the world. It is being heavily accumulated by whales and could potentially be heading for a rally in the long term. 

ApeCoin: Catalysing Meme Communities With Decentralized Governance

ApeCoin is a meme coin with a decentralized autonomous exchange-patterned governance structure wherein token holders get exclusive rights to present their views about the proposals concerning the platform’s development. These proposals may revolve around new projects, technical upgrades, partnerships, and governance rules. Its native coin APE can be used for all platform transactional purposes, including staking and yield farming. APE Token can also be added along with GDAO and DOGE for potentially handsome returns in the medium to long term. 

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