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Deposit your tokens on DeFi-projects with the highest interest and yield more crypto everyday.

2021 has become a boom-year for DeFi. The DeFi market grows so fast, and it’s even hard to follow all the changes.

Why is DeFi so special? Crypto market gives a great chance to earn more money in many ways: decentralized exchanges, yield aggregators, credit services, and even insurance — you can deposit your tokens in all these projects and get a reward.

But the hottest money-making trend has its tricks. New DeFi projects are launching every day, interest rates are changing all the time, some of the pools cease to exist — and it’s a big headache to keep track of it but you should to.

Well, the solution is here. We created a ranking service of DeFi yield farming projects that will help you to find a trusted project with the highest interest rates for your safe investment of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The aggregator of crypto yield farming ranking was launched on 1st of August in 2021. 

It maintains 56 projects — DEX’es (PancakeSwap, MDEX), Yield Farms, Yield Aggregators/Optimizers (PancakeBunny, Beefy Finance, AutoFarm), Lending Platforms (Venus, Annex Finance), and even Leveraged Yield Farming projects as Alpaca and Alpha Homora are listed there. supports just 3 networks yet — Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. But in 2 months it will be completed with other the most popular networks.

Clear interface and easy filters make everything simple. users can keep up to date with interest rates both for a token and for a pair of tokens in multi-token pools where 3 or even 4 tokens can be deposited. Investors can also track the ranking change history and total value locked (TVL) in different pools and on different farms.

Don’t miss the yield just storing your tokens idly — multiply your crypto on 

But note that investing in DeFi is risky: impermanent losses, project hackings, Oracle bugs and high volatility of cryptocurrencies — these are the problems DeFi yield farmers face all the time.

How does work

Just follow the link on, and type the name of a token you have in a search box — then choose the best interest rate but don’t forget to check TVL first. The higher TVL ranking — the more reliable the project. 

On You can also find out what company audited the project.

What stands for

We keep everything simple and go after just one idea — to give the opportunity to every DeFi enthusiast to choose the best interest rates in all the projects.

And if you have any suggestions about  — please, feel free to share your ideas: [email protected]

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