Greeneum is Serious About Green Energy

Blockchain has the potential to provide greater efficiencies in renewable energy, removing our dependence on finite sources, and this ICO is leading the way.

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We all know our current sources of energy are finite. But the same old problems always exist when it comes to incentivizing people to go green. Green energy isn’t always efficient. Wind energy, for example, requires the mounting of bestial structures that cause noise and visual pollution. And they don’t often work at 100 percent capacity. Adding solar panels to our houses is unsightly–but more importantly, green energy can be expensive. And that’s largely due to problems within the supply chain.

Nothing motivates people more into going green than seeing a financial incentive, and Greeneum is an energy ICO that understands how to bring the cost of green energy down. Striking the balance between protecting people’s pockets and saving the planet.

What is Greeneum?

Greeneum is a decentralized, blockchain powered platform with the goal of taking green energy production up a gear–several gears, in fact. Claiming to be the first blockchain powered sustainable and scalable energy and data trading platform, Greeneum’s goal is to end the world’s reliance on harmful and finate existing energy sources, including coal and fossil fuels.

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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the main goals behind this green ICO is to provide transparency in energy projects, with smart contracts that are held on the distributed ledger. Describing itself as an “energy project management system,” Greeneum enables contributors to invest in green energy, including hydro, wind and solar, while increasing efficiencies in times of higher demand.

Current Pilot Projects

Greeneum has current pilot projects in Cyprus and Israel, using a grid operator–and more will be announced later this year. Says Greeneum founder Assaf Ben-Or, “Greeneum’s first in kind platform enables people and companies to make contributions to green energy products around the world. Our goal is to foster increased use of renewable energy sources and reduce the carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change.”

The GREEN token is the method in which investors can get involved in green projects throughout the world. Rather than taking blockchain tech to developing countries, this ICO is more about energy efficiency. Efficiency in production, distribution and consumption. Using an ERC-20 compliant token means that anyone around the world can access projects easily.

Smart contracts allow for prices to be driven down by cutting out middlemen and efficiencies to be improved by trading surplus and compensating when energy is needed. “By enabling contributors to help fund these projects and track their contributions, Greeneum is bringing a level of transparency to these projects not previously seen,” Ben-Or explains.

Moreover, a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) uses a combination of proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to allow electricity producers to foresee surges in demand and allocate resources accordingly. Not only can they accumulate reserves, but they can drive down costs, as well.

Greeneum’s team includes experts in renewable energy projects and startups, with corporate partners including Etherlabs Chain Dynamics, SolarChange, IBM, d10e, and CoinAgenda. Looking to get in on a project that solves real world issues as well as turns a profit? This one may be worth looking into.

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