A few different companies grant mainstream exposure to cryptocurrencies through different types of offerings. Grayscale, the well-known investment company, now has $3.7 billion in assets under management, representing an all-time high.

It is always intriguing to take a look at what Grayscale is up to these days.

Grayscale Assets Under Management Increase

The company led by Barry Silbert has provided exposure to Bitcoin and other crypto assets for many years now.

So far, it appears that this company continues to be successful in its own regard. 

With a new all-time high in assets under management, demand for crypto exposure is not slowing down just yet. 

In fact, it seems to be rising rapidly, which is surprising, given the current market momentum. 

As one would come to expect, the Bitcoin Trust still represents the majority of all assets under management today.

Other statistics seem to indicate that Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and the Digital Large Cap Fund are all doing well in terms of total holdings.

Bitcoin Cash, Horizon, XRP, ZCash, Litecoin, and Stellar Lumens all represent smaller holdings. 

Altcoins are less relevant to crypto investors, as most are primarily interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Most other markets derive price momentum from these two top assets first and foremost.

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