Grateful Labs Connects the Ancient Practice of Gratitude With Technology and Street Art

grateful giraffes

In January of 2022, Max Marine created Grateful Labs after seeing how the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected mental health across the globe. As part of the launch of Grateful Labs, Marine created a two week-long wellness festival that focused on mental health and overall well-being. Over a two-week period, the festival included a full schedule of community-based meditations, yoga, and an ongoing daily gratitude practice.


As part of the festival, Grateful Labs created a street art Gratitude Wall where they paired AI, machine learning, and the ancient practice of gratitude in the form of art. This wall art installation is for everyone to remember to be grateful for what they already have.  Sometimes we forget, because of other things happening in our lives. But, the presence of gratitude, combined with the practice of gratitude, have been medically proven to have a significant impact on our health. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted mental health due to loss of social and community events, lockdowns, and a tremendous adjustment to working at home. With everyone focusing on the pandemic, gratitude for even the simplest things has disappeared has become less and less of a priority.

During the festival, the Tel Aviv and surrounding communities came together to showcase and remember the things in their lives they are the most grateful for. The community became stronger, and overall well-being improved through implementation of the ancient practices like gratitude, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and more.

Marine, the CEO and Co-Founder of Grateful labs is planning similar installations all over the world. The company is also turning the Tel Aviv Gratitude Wall into NFT which will launch this June. The NFT community is not only growing, but is also a strong community that passionately cares for social causes around the globe. This NFT will become part of the foundation of the company’s Virtual House of Gratitude – a metaverse-based gratitude-themed healing center, accessible to those who have written on the wall & have claimed a fractional share of the NFT using their digital wallets. As Grateful Labs rolls out additional walls, the number of members in their virtual House of Gratitude is expected to grow exponentially alongside the depth and breadth of content and experiences which will be provided in these membership-based houses.

The main character in this wall art is the giraffe called Grateful Giraffe. In some cultures, the giraffe is a symbol of spirituality, peacefulness, opportunity, confidence, and uniqueness. Some might say it is a cute symbol that is always reminding us of what matters most.  As a result, Grateful Labs has opted to call their NFT program Grateful Giraffes, which will launch on World Giraffe Day. 

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