Most technology giants have no love lost for cryptocurrencies. In the case of Google, the company has taken a harsh stance toward cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to advertising. Even so, its currency converter supports major cryptocurrencies at this time and Bitcoin Cash is the latest asset to be added to this feature.

Bitcoin Cash Comes to Google

In a surprising turn of events, Google has decided to add Bitcoin Cash support to its currency conversion feature. As things stand, one can convert any currency in the world to its BCH value, which will bring a bit more exposure to this alternative cryptocurrency. 

Whether or not this new feature will be beneficial to the overall BCH ecosystem, remains to be seen. However, it does provide an alternative solution for checking the price of Bitcoin Cash in one’s local currency, rather than just relying on its USD value. According to current rates, one Bitcoin is worth 8.63 Bitcoin Cash, which seems to be on par with the current exchange rate across different markets.

Final Thoughts

For Bitcoin Cash supporters, this is another validation of the success of this project, especially given Google’s somewhat negative stance toward cryptocurrency advertisements. 

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