Google Will Finally Fix the Trezor Web Wallet Bug on Chrome for Android


The cryptocurrency industry heavily relies on mobile accessibility. Wallets and other tools for Android and iOS users are of great importance. The latest Trezor beta wallet for Android may cause some issues for users, but a fix should be deployed fairly soon. 

Users who try to access the Trezor beta web wallet through their Android device may experience some issues. It appears Google Chrome for this operating system creates some problems on the backend. That can lead to unnecessary friction for a lot of people. 

Google Chrome on Android bug

Issues like these tend to arise when software updates are released. In the case of this web wallet, the problem has seemingly persisted for several months. Not all users experience the same problem, but it is something that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. 

In the latest Canary update for Google Chrome on Android, a new fix is in the works. While it still needs to be tested, Trezor users will be pleased to hear things will improve fairly soon.

Enthusiasts who cannot wait any longer can experiment with the current Canary build at their own leisure. Doing so could still incur risks, thus a cautious approach is warranted. 

Those who do not possess the necessary technical challenge may want to wait until Chrome for Android is updated properly. 

It is unclear why it took so long for Google to address this problem. Its mobile browser is one of its core products on the market today. Even so, this late fix should make it to the retail version of the browser in the next few weeks. An official release date has not been communicated at this time. 

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