Google Trends: Digital Assets vs Altcoins vs Crypto Assets

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When it comes to alternative cryptocurrencies, different parts of the world seem to use different search terms, according to Google Trends. That is a very interesting development, especially for projects looking to broaden their audience. 

Top Trend: Digital Assets

A very interesting trend is taking place lately. The search volume for “digital assets” has overcome a sharp dip nearly a year ago. Ever since, it has become a go-to search term for people looking for information about alternative cryptocurrencies. 

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What is even more interesting is where this term is prevalent. The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India all search for digital assets. This further confirms that using the appropriate search terms is crucial when targeting specific markets. Never call an alternative cryptocurrency an altcoin in these regions, for obvious reasons. 

The Normal Trend: Altcoins

For as long as people can remember, alternative cryptocurrencies are referred to as “altcoins“. It is a reference to “alternative coins”, further indicating these results are “not Bitcoin”. Even so, altcoins is not necessarily the most popular trend, according to Google Trends. A fierce battle is being fought between “altcoins” and “digital assets” as of late.

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Similar to the trend above, the term “altcoins” is predominantly found in certain regions. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in all of Europe, parts of Africa, Mexico, South America, and Iran all search for “altcoins” instead of “digital assets”. Catering to the right search term can have a big impact on gaining traction as a crypto project. 

A Potential Future Trend: Crypto Assets

There are many terms to indicate the cryptocurrency market. Crypto assets is something journalists tend to use, even though the term generates virtually no search volume. Changing that narrative may occur naturally, although for now, it is perhaps best left avoided. 

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Of the countries using this term, there is the US and Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, India, and Japan. Bridging the gap between the “altcoins” and “digital assets” crowd can be achieved by using the term “crypto assets” more actively. Using all three terms in the same breath might be the best approach, all things considered. 

Related Queries all Pertain to Altcoins

One last interesting tidbit is the related queries. All of them pertain to altcoins first and foremost. This is another crucial trend worth keeping an eye on over the next 12 months. 

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Getting more people excited about cryptocurrencies may be a matter of simply using the correct terminology after all. 

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