After it was recently brought to light that Facebook might be releasing its very own cryptocurrency to facilitate in-app transactions, it now appears as though Google might be following suit and doing the same.

While giving a talk at Google’s London office recently, IOHKs Charles Hoskinson and Duncan Coutts discussed all of the ongoing and future developments planned for Cardano. For example, it was revealed that later this month, the company would deploy a test network so as to allow developers to play with smart contracts.

After a long Q&A session with Hoskinson and Coutts, it became abundantly clear that Google and its employees were interested in Cardano’s disruptive potential, especially since the currency can possibly displace Ethereum and become the world’s leading platform for smart contract use.

Owing to the robustness and scalability of Cardano, the idea that a tech innovator such as Google could possibly collaborate with IOHK and adopt Cardano for its own projects is not that far-fetched of an idea.

However, like everything else that Google starts work on, the company will only make a decision after it has reviewed all of the happenings taking place within today’s crypto space carefully.

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