Google Bans MetaMask From the Play Store With a Bogus Excuse

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Not a week goes by without drama in the cryptocurrency world. Google isn’t making too many friends following the removal of MetaMask from its Play Store. 

MetaMask is one of the most popular ethereum wallet solutions on mobile devices.

MetaMask Won’t Return Soon

It is also a tool utilized to browse and access the vast majority of dApps on this blockchain.

For some reason, Google has now decided to remove this app from the Play Store altogether.

In its explanation, the company claims MetaMask is “mining cryptocurrencies”.

A very odd statement, considering how this app is completely incapable of performing such actions.

Despite an appeal from the dapp’s developers, Google has not reverted its decision on this removal. 

One can only hope this situation is rectified pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this matter will be resolved before 2020.

This news comes at a bit of an awkward time for Google.

Earlier this week, the company’s YouTube arm decided to delist all cryptocurrency and blockchain content, for reasons unknown.

While that decision has now been reserved, it appears there is still a lot of negative animosity toward bitcoin and altcoins. 

Firing two such warning shots in quick succession highlights the need for decentralized solutions.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be that many viable decentralized solutions in place today. 

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