Google Bans Crypto News Apps From the Play Store


Google and parent company Alphabet have seemingly taken a harsh stance toward cryptocurrencies. Following the blanket YouTube demonetization effort, it now appears that mobile crypto news apps are being removed from the Play Store.

Spreading the word about cryptocurrencies has proven to be extremely difficult.

Google Still Opposes Cryptocurrencies

Not only does one need to engage users, but being able to reach a wide audience poses its own set of challenges.

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When Google decides to ban mobile crypto news applications for no reason, that situation doesn’t improve by any means.

For reasons unknown, all apps pertaining to crypto and blockchain news have been removed from the Google Play Store.

This is not a move announced in advance, thus it took a lot of people by surprise.

Existing installations do not appear affected by this sudden turn of events.

A few months ago,YouTube started cracking down on crypto content creators.

Any video involving technical analysis is labeled as “harmful”, for some reason.

While those users were seemingly reinstated, the uneasy situation remains in place today.

Content can still be demonetized for no apparent reason, primarily due to community guidelines violations.

Getting a straight answer from YouTube, Google, or Alphabet will be virtually impossible.

One can only hope things improve, but for now, that seems unlikely.

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