$GOLDEN Rises +532%, Tops Dog Crypto Coins, As $BabyShibaInu Beats $SHIB

Dog shows Friend Shiba Inu Token
Dog shows Friend Shiba Inu Token

Everyone loves the underdog story. In this case, everyone loves the dogs of cryptocurrency.    In the  past month there’s been a shift of where the crystal hands have been when it comes to K9 meme tokens.  The top dog coin of the past week has actually become the leader of the month.   Binance Smart Chain token $GOLDEN, which is traded on PancakeSwap exchange, has obliterated competition in value gains and true return on investment this past month.

Top Dog Meme Coins Of Month 

according to Coinbase Coin Index

Top Gainers

Golden Inu Token [$GOLDEN]: 532.05% (since launch 2/24)

DogeCash  [$DOGEC]: +136.62

Baby Shiba Inu Coin Token [$BABYSHIBAINU] : +10.78%

King Shiba [$KINGSHIB]: +1.66%

Top Losers 

BOWL Shibarium [$BOWL]: -74.28%

ShibAvax [$SHIBX]: -29.10%

DogeChain [$DC]: -35.02%

TamaDoge [$TAMA]: -26.84%

Bone ShibaSwap [$BONE]: 23.51%

Baby Doge Coin Token [$BABYDOGE]: -23.15%

Floki Inu Token [$FLOKIINU]: -21.89%

Dogelon Mars [$ELON]: -20.32%

Shiba Inu Token [$SHIB]:  -17.67%

Shib Army [$SHIBARMY]: -17.61%

Dogecoin Coin [$DOGECOIN]: -12.79%

ShibaDoge [$SHIBDOGE]: -0.36%

Golden Inu Token May See 600% Growth 1st Month

The leader of all tokens by far is $GOLDEN.  Those who purchased the new bep20 token on its first day of listing on PancakeSwap have great reason to celebrate.  Day 1 investors of the Golden Inu token have enjoyed a blissful  +532% increase in value.   It could reach a whopping 600% return on investment in its completion of 1 month of being on the market — March 24th.

The new BSC token’s crypto ecosystem is a main reason behind its rising value.   The “Golden Quest” job platform makes the token a necessity.  In 3 weeks nearly 700 people have joined the web3 platform and it continues to grow daily.

The Golden Inu official reddit community is also growing at a rapid pace with nearly 1000 users registered.   It appears nearly 40 users are joining the social media hub daily and quite active in supporting their community’s token.

If the anticipated $Golden Dashboard releases this month, it will likely increase the bag holders of the token as well.    The web3 app is going to make keeping up with tokenomics and ecosystem updates much easier, according to various sources.

The new app could also help the $GOLDEN token shed 1 zero according to Crypto Coin Opps.

DogeCash Rises 136% in Value

$DOGEC, an older K9 meme token, is the second biggest gainer on the list this month.  The Ethereum blockchain based crypto rose by +136%. Though it’s only generated 1/4th the returns that Golden Inu token brought home to its holders, still it’s done quite well compared to other cryptocurrencies.

The PoF [proof of stake] / masternode token  has been making news for its bullish tendencies.   Released in September 2021, it’s been rising in price since two of its latest events. In December of 2022 it was paired to BTC via the FreiExchange.  And more recently, DogeCash launched a web and mobile app to help speed the process of exchanging coins to cash.

DogeCash is also highly touted for its stance on remaining a privacy coin which. 

BOWL Shibarium The Top Loser Of Month

The $BOWL token, which has duped many into thinking it’s a token related to Shiba Inu, is the month’s biggest loser. The token lost nearly 75% of it’s value over the last month. However, it still holds a market cap of US$557,000 according to CoinMarketCap.

Most look at the erc20 token as a scam today.  However, the company has stated they are trying to work their way into “Defi” in its most recent publications.

This is not a token most would agree with for good investment however due to its intentional usage of the “Shibarium” name.  It is not associated with the Shiba Inu [$SHIB] project.

Baby Shiba Inu & Shiba Doge Tokens Do Better Than Shiba Inu 

And while there are many spin-off crypto brands of the $SHIB token, only two lost less in value than the original. $SHIBADOGE and $BABYSHIBAINU tokens made its holders better returns than the original meme token itself.

Shiba Doge token lost  -0.36% of its value over the last month.   This is over 54x better than the Shiba Inu token, which saw a loss of -17.67% in value.

Baby Shiba Inu [$BABYSHIBAINU] took a much higher gain than $SHIB, staying in the positive over the last month.   It gained nearly 11% in value.     There’s no comparison between the two in terms of ROI [return on investment] as Baby Shiba Inu holders gained money;   Shiba inu holders lost money.

This news is highly shocking to many $SHIB token holders, as SHIB.IO metaverse project and Shibarium layer-2 mainnet both have been launched.    Hundreds of  millions of tokens have been burned even, as the layer 2 project burns $SHIB with each transaction, but the cryptocurrency just can’t seem to gain ground.   It’s far behind top gainers, DogeCash and Golden Inu.

Both tokens took a loss nonetheless.    Other spinoff token brands such as ShibArmy [$SHIBArmy] and ShibAvax [$SHIBX] also lost just as much as Shiba Inu or more.

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