$GOLDEN Opportunity: New BSC Token Surges +15% As Gold Price Dips -10%

Golden Inu Kills The Bear Market for Dog Cryptos
Golden Inu Kills The Bear Market for Dog Cryptos

Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] crypto’s growth topped that of the precious metal Gold today.   The new bsc token is in a bull run cycle that has no end in sight yet.   It’s racing for the US$1-Million-Dollar market capitalization milestone.   The token’s value rose with it — over 17% in the last 24 hours alone.    That percentage of growth was 3X more than Gold’s increase, which is down -10%. For 4 weeks straight now, Golden Inu holders are getting  better returns on their money than those holding the world’s top precious metal.

Golden Inu Market Cap Growth Averaging US$33,000 Daily

Just 2 days ago, the loyalist trading base of Golden Inu was celebrating the bep20 token reaching US$250,000 for the first time.   Here close to 3 days away, the market cap appears to be climbing for US$350,000.    

This market cap, if reached by 10am eastern on Thursday, will be a total of US$100,000 growth in 3 days.  That’s an average growth in market capitalization of US$33,000 per day.     This growth is pushing the Golden Inu Ecosystem’s token value up by +16% on average daily and more than tripled early crypto investors’ money.

This bullish activity is likely to continue due to the “Binance Version of Shiba Inu” just being listed on its first public exchange recently [traded here].   The market cap is still quite low and looks to be ready to triple in value in less than 3 weeks, at the current rate of growth.  At that point, the m-cap will be past US$1,000,000 and possibly tipping on $1.5-million-dollars.

When the next major decentralized or centralized exchange lists the $GOLDEN token, the market cap activity could be seismic.   If it has a similar number of active users as PancakeSwap, where Golden Inu is traded currently, it should push the market cap to $5 Million dollars. 

At a Market Cap of US$5,000,000 the “Golden Horde” community that’s invested today would likely find a 15X return of value, of what’s in their portfolios today.

$GOLDEN token is currently priced on PancakeSwap exchange at the price of US$0.000000000006465.    If the 15x increase were to occur in 3 weeks, the price of the token could become US$0.000000000096975.    One zero would lose the right of the decimal and possibly even a second, depending on the volume of daily trading.

$GOLDEN Crypto Token Over Gold [Au] Ounce

For traders of Gold, their woes are just beginning as banks begin to crash globally.     The price of Gold [Au] is sinking right alongside the global financial institutions.  In the last 24 hours the price has tanked -10%.    

Currently the precious metal is priced at 1,920.90 per ounce; luckily for investors, the past week Gold has risen, leaving +4.76% growth from last Thursday.

Still there’s no comparison on the better return on investment between Gold and Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] cryptocurrency.    In 7 days, the bsc token has risen bullishly +51.96%.  That return is 10x more than what gold investors added to their portfolio’s value.


And this is not the entire crypto market that’s bullish.    The rival of the Golden Inu Token, Shiba Inu has a much more massive market cap but is still sliding.  The ‘Dogecoin Killer’ appears to be paralleling the banking industry.    

Though the $SHIB token developer team says they have no exposure to SVB nor Signature Bank, the cryptocurrency’s value has fallen -7.3% in the last 24 hours.  In the last week, even with Shibarium’s launch and ‘miraculous’ claims,  the coin’s still sunken -4.16%.

Cardano [$ADA]

Cardano is facing similar numbers.  Its native coin $ADA lost nearly -5% in the last 24 hours.  But over the week,  it’s up 3.52%.  The token appears to be struggling to find a stable point, but its founder Charles Hoskinson is getting lots of publicity lately, speaking on his interests in DeFi

Big Eyes [$BIG] Holding For A $32M Goal

And of course, there’s also the Big Eyes token that’s coming to the market soon. Already listed on CoinMarketCap, it claims to have $30-million-dollars in $BIG tokens sold, before being listed on a public exchange.  Those numbers are not verified and their official wallet [ethscan] shows  only 13 total transfers.

Without Big Eyes being listed on a public exchange, user’s money cannot be traded freely.   The transactions are centralized, controlled by whomever owns the $BIG token.    

This is typical with most erc20 tokens.  Pre-Initial Coin Offering, most cryptocurrencies utilize investor funds to build technology and market the brand. However,  the extreme amount of time the cryptocurrency has been holding users’ money waiting for $32 million dollars of investment, is not. 

If Big Eyes token’s debut and actual utility is not up to par, it could become one of 2023’s biggest crypto busts.  

As for now, keep your eyes glued to a token that’s trading and producing a return in real time — Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] token.   It’s worth more than Gold thus far.  And it will not likely slow down in growth, anytime soon.

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