Golden Inu’s ERC-20 Token Breaching Last Support Before New ATH?

Crypto Trading Charts Indicate Golden Inu May Have a Bull Run Coming — Time To Buy?
Crypto Trading Charts Indicate Golden Inu May Have a Bull Run Coming — Time To Buy?

Following a successful ICO presale that generated nearly half-a-million dollars, Golden Inu’s new ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain appears to be ready to reach its all-time high.

Since July 15, the asset has been trading on a clear upwards trend, with each peak climbing higher than its predecessor. Currency trading at $0.000000000017 ERC-20 $GOLDEN is now only a couple of price movements away from breaking its record of $0.00000000001949 really soon.

Coupled with its forward momentum, the token is currently basking in the glow of robust market optimism. In recent days, traders have been exhibiting a notable trend, with an average of 9 buy orders for every sell order.

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If the currency really breaches its all-time highest price, holders will be set to see a 15% rise in their investments. However, in the long run, the currency could be making a lot more. 

New Developments Could Make $GOLDEN Surge By Over 1000%

Perhaps the most utility-driven memecoin in the market today — Golden Inu investors are set to see a lot of action in this calendar year. 

The project is currently working on the launch of a new play-to-earn game dubbed “Golden Inuverse” that will put both the Ethereum Blockchain $GOLDEN and its BEP-20 version to use. 

On top of that, new projects like a unique decentralized exchange that will make use of the dual-blockchain ecosystem in order to turn the $GOLDEN tokens into facilitators that’ll allow traders to swap currencies from different blockchains at a discount, are set to bring the value and usefulness of the tokens even higher.

With that in mind, many stipulate that the new ERC-20 token will experience a lot of growth over the course of the next couple of months.

Taking its BEP-20 brother as an example, the $GOLDEN on the BNB Chain recently saw a growth of over 1900%, making it the most profitable memecoin of 2023. 

Today, as the ERC-20 version of the same token operates on the world’s most prestigious blockchain, the possibilities for this token to replicate similar growth are undoubtedly real.

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