Golden Inu’s CyberScope Audit Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Security and Code Quality

Golden Inu token has one of the best Liquidity Pools (cash reserve) ratios of all cryptocurrencies
Golden Inu token has one of the best Liquidity Pools (cash reserve) ratios of all cryptocurrencies

Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) has recently undergone a comprehensive audit conducted by the renowned cybersecurity firm Cyberscope, showcasing the project’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the security, reliability, and quality of its smart contract. 

This audit, carried out in August 2023, has yielded positive insights that reinforce the project’s dedication to building a safe and trustworthy platform for its users.

The report sheds light on various aspects of Golden Inu’s smart contract code. The findings are categorized into different levels of severity: Critical, Medium, and Minor/Informative. 

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Fortunately for the project and its investors, the audit discovered no critical vulnerabilities within the $GOLDEN smart contract.

One of the notable positive aspects of the audit is Golden Inu’s use of “Solidity” naming conventions. Adhering to these conventions significantly improves the readability and maintainability of the codebase, making it easier for developers and contributors to understand and work with the code.

Golden Inu’s initiative to implement an automated market maker pair for liquidity and to exclude specific addresses from fees has also been well-received by the auditors. 

These features enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the platform while providing benefits to both users and the broader ecosystem.

Cyberscope also underscores the project’s proactive approach to transparency. By willingly undergoing a third-party audit, Golden Inu demonstrates its commitment to maintaining an open and secure environment for its community. 

This approach, coupled with the positive findings, contributes to building trust and confidence among users and potential investors.

Next Steps and Future Prospects

Golden Inu’s successful audit with no critical vulnerabilities identified speaks volumes about the project’s dedication to security. As a result, the project is well-positioned to further enhance its smart contract code and refine its features.

The audit report serves as a testament to Golden Inu’s diligence in delivering a secure and reliable platform for users to engage with. By addressing the minor issues highlighted in the audit and capitalizing on its strong points, Golden Inu can solidify its position as a reputable player in the crypto space.

With this type of information in hand, the developers will look to continue implementing applications and updates to the Golden Inu ecosystem—which so far has already yielded profitable results for its investors.

Furthermore, the next couple of weeks will prove exciting times for the community. With the solidified listing of $GOLDEN [ERC-20] on CoinGecko, the developers are now closer than ever to releasing the new Web3 game “Golden Inuverse”.

The new game is not only expected to bring a lot of new investors, but it will also mark the start of the project’s token-burning mechanism, the Golden Treasury.

With the security audits in check, and upcoming developments promising to enhance the quality of the project and the value of its tokens, Golden Inu has everything to become the year’s best-performing memecoin.

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