Golden Inu Token’s ICO Presale Passes Softcap — Investors’ Last Chance To Buy $GOLDEN Crypto On Discount

Golden Inu [ERC-20] Token Nearing Launch
Golden Inu [ERC-20] Token Nearing Launch

Golden Inu reached its first milestone during its funding rounds ahead of the ERC20 launch. The team celebrated reaching the 50ETH mark, around $93,500 in yesterday’s quotation [ official stats here ].

Users who purchased the tokens before today were able to get a larger amount of $GOLDEN tokens at a discount. However, the presale is still going strong and those who want to purchase the currency still have a chance to do so.

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The presale is expected to go for the next 10 days, but the success for the cryptocurrency is already secured. So far, 51 $ETH has been put together ahead of the launch.

The hard cap, aka maximum limit amount of tokens on sale, will be struck once the presale gathers 200ETH. Any unsold tokens will be burned before the Uniswap listing in order to produce a more stable and valuable token for early investors. Buyers can buy up to 2ETH during Golden Inu’s Initial Coin Offering event. This limit allows to give everyone the opportunity to join, while also preventing well-funded investors from buying a large chunk of the token’s initial supply and potentially manipulating the market.

Expected 25% Increase After Uniswap Listing

The development team behind the project recently stated that they expect to see a growth in $GOLDEN’s value. In a series of Tweets, the official Golden Inu account claimed that they expected growth of at least 25% as soon as the token enters Uniswap’s platform. Being listed on such a renowned exchange usually has that effect on currencies. But taking the BNB Chain $GOLDEN as an example — the currency has the potential to grow over 400% in its first couple of weeks.

What to Expect After Uniswap Listing

Aside from a potential 4x growth of an initial investment, $GOLDEN holders can rest assured that the project is not intended to stop after the ERC20 launch.The team is currently focused on the development of an exciting DeFi Play-to-Earn game called “Golden Inuverse.” The game has already generated significant interest, as evidenced by the rapid fulfillment of beta version subscriptions within just two days of its announcement.The overwhelming response to the beta version subscriptions, with nearly 100% of slots filled, is a clear indication of the community’s enthusiasm for the new memecoin aiming to invest in utility.Later this year, Golden Inu will also look to launch a decentralized exchange that will turn $GOLDEN into a bridge token where users can swap tokens from different blockchains with smaller fees.

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