Golden Inu Releases Disruptive Tech That Aids Crypto Traders

Golden Inu Best Meme Token To invest In of 2023
Golden Inu Best Meme Token To invest In of 2023

Today the Golden Inu cryptocurrency team released the ‘Golden Dashboard,’ a disruptive technology for crypto trading.   

This new technology takes aim at building better crypto investment habits by building intuitive trading habits, based on real data.

Training Crypto Traders To Read Key Data Points

The $Golden Dashboard simplifies the reading process of the Golden Inu’s tokenomics.  The web app displays information that revolves around token value, market capitalization, branding value and equity, and most importantly — cash reserves [ liquidity ].

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Being keen to Liquidity [cash reserves] would have saved many from the CEX and Crypto crashes.  $1 cash per $1 coin, that’s the #GoldenInu future. Build the right habits in #cryptotradingtweeted the crypto brand just after launch.

New ICO For $Golden On Ethereum Blockchain 

Alongside the new crypto app for web and smart devices [iOS and android], the Binance-chain based token has also revealed they are expanding onto the Ethereum blockchain.  A presale for a new initial coin offering of the $Golden [ERC20 version] token was also launched, a complete surprise.

The move will help the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem and user base expand tremendously.  With nearly 1000 users working on the “$Golden Quest” job platform today, all must take payments via a Bep20 [BNB] wallets.   With an expansion that allows users to now accept payment via erc20 [Ethereum] wallets, the crypto ecosystem’s evolution should speed up.  

The Quest platform is for people who believe in Golden Inu and want to earn money from their talents to build the DAO structured Inu ecosystem.  The marketing,  NFT projects, web3 apps, and even the new $Golden Dashboard were produced from members of the ecosystem collectively chosen. 

Shiba Inu Users Moving Funds To Golden Inu

The $Golden Dashboard is a disruptor in crypto trading that will make the average retail trader become more conscious of key-points in creating long-term yields.   

Beyond the disruptions, the Dashboard also certifies that the Golden Inu token continues to meet deadlines and goals in developing crypto technology as promised — something most brands fail to do.    

Shiba Inu [$SHIB], which some consider Golden Inu’s main rival, has failed miserably at keeping  their promises.     That disruption of ‘promise language’ led to various surges of the $Golden token value last month potentially as  several wallets showed users were moving funds from $SHIB to the $Golden token.  

Next Crypto Application Already Announced

After this $Golden Dashboard’s release and the presale completion, the Golden Inu token is slated to launch an innovative crypto eCommerce platform.   The Dashboard is said to be a first stepping stone for Golden Inu developers into understanding user habits that will allow them to build a marketplace.   

There is no date of release mentioned for the marketplace yet but various reports state the platform will be titled ‘$Golden Bazaar.’

The value of the Golden Inu token can be most accurately monitored via CoinMarketCap and DexTools.  

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