Golden Inu Puts Together a Quadrillion Tokens During ERC20 Presale

Golden Inus Tussle Over Massive $Golden Tokens Pile
Golden Inus Tussle Over Massive $Golden Tokens Pile

The emerging memecoin, which seeks to establish itself as a prominent player on the BNB Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain, is actively accumulating funds for its future endeavors.

At this moment, the project has successfully gathered a staggering number of $GOLDEN tokens, surpassing the quadrillion mark, equivalent to 43.234 ETH. This achievement represents the fulfillment of half of the total funding goal, which amounts to 80 $ETH.

The project team has accomplished 29% of the funding required for the second round. Traders interested will have to act fast to avoid losing +5% of Uniswap listing day yields. The $Golden toekn is currently offered at a rate 20% less than the ‘public listing’ price. In the 3rd round of the ICO presale, tokens will only be 15% lower than the Uniswap listing day price, which is 5% more than the price the tokens are being offered for currently.

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$GOLDEN Surging During Funding Round

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The increase in popularity during the funding round has also been doing wonders for the original BNB Chain token. So far, the asset has grown by over 150% in the previous 30 days. 

Furthermore, if this solid upward trend continues during the funding round, early investors may amass up to 10,000% yields. 

The charts indicate a clear upward trend, with $GOLDEN gaining strong momentum ahead of the last week of June. If this trend consolidates, the currency will likely be one of the top earners of the month.

What follows this period is even more promising for holders. The development team intends on launching a new DeFi game, Golden Inu Verse, that will provide even more utility to the asset.

Around the last half of 2023, Golden Inu is also looking into implementing a new decentralized exchange. Thanks to the upcoming launch of the Ethereum blockchain, the developers are intent on creating a truly decentralized platform capable of swapping multiple tokens from several different blockchains.

In a memecoin market filled with false promises and a lack of actual token usage, Golden Inu stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished when vision, community support, and cutting-edge technology converge. 

As the project marches toward its goals, it inspires confidence and excitement, attracting the attention of those seeking to be part of the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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