Golden Inu (GOLDEN) Among Crypto’s Top Memecoin Earners Yesterday

Golden Inu (GOLDEN) Token Rises 5% in Value
Golden Inu (GOLDEN) Token Rises 5% in Value

Yesterday, on August 23rd, the Ethereum-blockchain version of the $GOLDEN token from Golden Inu was highlighted against other memecoins.  The new cryptocurrency is showing investor’s strength, landing at a prime spot as one of the standout gainers of the memecoin world Yesterday.

In the last 24 hours, the $GOLDEN token saw an impressive 5% surge. While at first glance this increase might seem modest, when adding the factor that the entire crypto market is currently trading negatively, Golden Inu’s resilience is definitely something to keep an eye on.

The excitement around Golden Inu’s $GOLDEN token doesn’t stop there. Talks of an upcoming listing on the renowned crypto-listing platform CoinMarketCap caused the token to gather a large number of traders and investors aiming to profit from the currency.

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This listing will likely take place next month however, September. A delay from the original date as CMC changed some listing procedures for the entire industry.

Still, the news has ignited discussions in the crypto community. And that buzz is pushing the Golden Inu [ERC-20] token’s recognition up a notch and proving its growing impact.

Perhaps, what’s even more surprising is how $GOLDEN managed to outshine the big names in the memecoin realm, such as $PEPE, $DOGE, and $SHIB. This unexpected turn of events emphasizes the unique features that set Golden Inu apart, adding a dose of trustworthiness and potential to its reputation.

Beta Version of Golden Inuverse Play-To-Earn Game Now Live
Beta Version of Golden Inuverse Play-To-Earn Game Now Live

Game-Changing Play-to-Earn: The Golden Inuverse

The upcoming release of “Golden Inuverse,” a play-to-earn game that’s causing quite a lot of excitement within the web3 gaming market.

Recent leaks of images of the game have ignited a lot of attention to the new game. The pictures in question showcase one of the game’s NFT playable characters, “Golden Zyzz” traveling through the world of Golden Inuverse in search of loot, battle, or quests that could earn the player $GOLDEN tokens.

On top of the upcoming game, the new token-burning mechanism that allocates half of the total dApps revenue for purchasing back $GOLDEN tokens in circulation and burning them also promises to drive the value of the currency upwards.

Furthermore, by introducing a cyclical burning mechanism, future players of the game have yet another incentive to play the game. The reason for that is simple: the more popular Golden Inu’s dApps become, the more valuable its currency becomes.

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