Golden Inu Gained 620% in Value Over the Past 3 Weeks — More to Come After Uniswap Launch?

Golden Inu Token Showing Positive Gains on Price Charts
Golden Inu Token Showing Positive Gains on Price Charts

The memecoin Golden Inu’s value surge continues to impress with its rapid forward momentum.

Over the past 3 weeks, the currency began one of the most fruitful rallies in its history — and as of right now, $GOLDEN shows no signs of slowing down.

The token is boasting eight consecutive positive candles on the daily charts, trading well above the 50-day moving average.

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Investors who held $GOLDEN since June 12 saw their investments gain 620% in value, meaning that every $1,000 in invested the currency transformed into $6,200 by the end of the month.

In addition, the total market cap of the currency grew about 3 times its size throughout that timeframe.

This overwhelmingly positive performance by the crypto, nicknamed the “Shiba Inu Killer,” lands Golden Inu atop the charts as most profitable memecoin of June.

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Golden Inu Providing Even More Profitable Opportunities

Those who did not have $GOLDEN in their wallets throughout June have no reason to feel like the train has left the station and that the chance for profits is over.

Golden Inu is currently promoting a presale of the new version of $GOLDEN — this time on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Going multi-chain (BNB Chain and ERC20) is part of the project’s plans of implementing several features and applications that revolve around having $GOLDEN as a bridge token capable of allowing users to use the currency to swap tokens between blockchains at lower fees.

Taking as an example the original ICO in February, ERC20 $GOLDEN has the chance of catapulting its value by over 1000% in the first weeks after the Uniswap listing.

(BNB Chain Golden Inu gains after ICO in February)

Those interested in joining can access the official presale page where they can connect their wallets to the website and get a hold of some cryptos for themselves. However, investors can only buy up to 2ETH each — guaranteeing that everyone gets a share and also avoiding ill-intended investors from manipulating the price of the asset during its launch.

With only 9 days left before the official ERC20 launch, getting in early before the bulk of Uniswap users can get a hold of the token themselves could provide one of the most profitable opportunities in 2023’s second semester.


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