Golden Inu Confirms New Decentralized Crypto Exchange & Ethereum Blockchain Expansion

Golden Inu Confirms New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange For after Ethereum Blockchain Expansion
Golden Inu Confirms New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange For after Ethereum Blockchain Expansion

The developers of Golden Inu confirmed they have a new decentralized crypto exchange [DEX] coming.   The team has begun the analysis process and chosen a group of developers to assist in building the project.  Titled “Golden Inu Exchange,” it’s expected to lower trade fees for Binance and Ethereum blockchain tokens, by allowing the ‘swapping’ of $Golden tokens.

When will the new Crypto DEX be launched?

The new crypto DEX will be released before the end of 2023 in beta version according to CNF reports.    The code development process is underway and previews are expected before the $Golden token’s ERC20 version completes its 4 funding rounds.

The $Golden token has a Binance-Chain version already trading on the crypto market via PancakeSwap. It’s listed on CoinMarketCap as having US$81,000 in its liquidity pool; or better known as the cash reserves traders have invested into the token.    This gives Golden Inu  an impressive liquidity to market cap ratio — $1-fiat per $3 in market capitalization.

Shiba Inu, Floki Inu, and Dogecoin To Be Listed on Golden Inu Exchange?

It’s not clear if all cryptocurrencies will be immediately allowed onto the new DEX.   It is very clear however that Binance and Ethereum coins will be listed and traded on the decentralized exchange.

This new exchange being open to erc20 and bep20 tokens would make things quite interesting as rival meme tokens could be listed. This includes but is not limited to — Shiba Inu [$SHIB], Floki Inu [$FLOKI], DogeCash, and Dogecoin [$DOGE].

The $Golden [bep20] token has massively outperformed all other meme tokens the last 2 months.   ICO investors saw yields of up to +650% on initial investments, cashing out promptly.  Others have held their tokens and appear to be waiting for the launch of more new crypto applications by Golden Inu.   These presale and ICO investors still have +350% returns on initial investments.

When the new crypto DEX launches, it will use the $Golden token as a $1-to-$1 valued swapping utility between any 2 tokens of choice.

Golden Inu has also said via twitter it hopes to eliminate its Ecosystem users’ trading fees similar to how VeChain canceled VeWorld Wallet taxes

More on this story as it develops.  

The $Golden token is expanding onto the Ethereum blockchain shortly.  The token presale recently started.  After 200 Ethereum [$ETH] has been raised, the new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange will launch in beta version.

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