Golden Inu [BEP-20] Token Following Fibonacci Retracements — Major Buying Point Today

Golden Inu [BEP-20] Token Sees Major Buying Increases & More Coming
Golden Inu [BEP-20] Token Sees Major Buying Increases & More Coming

Following June’s incredible performance, the Binance-chain version of the Golden Inu Token is still now showing signs of slowing down.

The asset is currently boasting on an incredibly strong upwards trends, up 620% since June 11. In fact, this rally is so significant that the currency averages on 5 consecutive bullish daily candles for every negative one.

Further analysis on $GOLDEN’s chart indicates that the currency is still following the previously mentioned Fibonacci retracement levels. 

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In a previous article we mentioned how the currency renounced from Fib’s 61.8% level, indicating a huge buying point for investors. Those who followed the advice on June 22 picked up 83% profits as the currency rushed past the $0.0000000000005 resistance.

And right now, $GOLDEN is once again rebounding back from another Fibonacci key zone. 

Today, on July 10, the asset broke above the 23.6% zone in the Fibonacci scale — indicating that the currency is again ready for another rally to the top.

Breaking above the Fibonacci scale would not only signify the start of another upwards trend for Golden Inu, but also reward investors with 16% profits. 

How Recent News Affect Golden Inu

The Golden Inu token’s upwards momentum is no surprise for anyone following the project closely.

In fact, this project is going through one of the most exciting periods in its existence. The team behind the project is about to launch the new version of $GOLDEN on the Ethereum Blockchain on July 12.

This much expected debut is not only a potential for 1000% yields for investors joining the presale, but it is also gathering attention to the brand, and therefore positively affecting the original BNB Chain-$GOLDEN as well.

The developers expect an immediate 25% profits as soon as the currency is listed on Uniswap. However, the potential for growth for this currency make it that if ERC20-$GOLDEN reaches the measly amount of $0,0000010 — an investment as simple as a hundred dollars would turn investors joining the ICO presale into millionaires.

However, this potentially profitable opportunity is nearly done. At this time of writing, there is only 5ETH left on the presale, meaning that the whale thing could be finished in any given moment.

Without a doubt, the launch of the new $GOLDEN paired with the incredible momentum the original version has had over the past months make it the project one, if not the most exciting memecoin of the whole year.

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