Golden Hearts Free Coins & Free Spins 2023: Casino Bonus & Promo Code

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Golden Hearts Casino is a promotional gaming platform that supports various charities. While playing on this site, you can exchange your redeemable coins for real cash prizes or gift cards. Aside from being philanthropic, they also reward new and exciting players with generous offers.

For many, the Golden Hearts gaming experience will be a unique one. You will get the pleasure of playing a variety of casino-like games and the opportunity to claim a nice bonus to get you started. If you sign up with Golden Hearts Casino now and make a $10 donation, the site will match it with $10 worth of Golden Hearts coins, which you can use to play on any game.

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More good reasons to play at Golden Hearts

That’s not all that this gaming platform has to offer. Here are other reasons why this gaming site is worth your special time.

  • You can play all the games for free
  • It can be played in all the US states.
  • Supports plenty of charities
  • Has a variety of games
Address 7 Avenue De Lafayette #121230 Boston MA 02112
Welcome bonus Spend $10 get an extra $10 in free play

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Golden Hearts Casino Promo Codes & Bonus Code

Most online casinos tend to offer an introductory bonus as a way of enticing new players to sign up. While you might not be able to bag yourself any Golden Hearts Casino free spins, you might be able to get yourself something even better.

So how can you claim these offers? The most direct way you can receive bonuses when joining Golden Hearts as a new player is by making a donation. If you spend $10, you will be awarded the same amount again as a 100% deposit match bonus. You won’t need any Golden Hearts Casino bonus codes for this, as it’s applied automatically.

Since Golden Hearts is different from other social casinos, it works differently. The size of your donation will also define how many Golden Hearts Casino free coins you will get credited. Unlike other social casinos, you are not required to meet specific wagering requirements for you to claim your winnings when playing using bonuses.

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Is Golden Hearts Casino Legal?

Golden Hearts Games has a lot to offer to its players. You may think everything about this gaming platform is too good to be true, from generous bonuses to charitable donations. Therefore, having your doubts about its legality is quite understandable.

In case you have any doubts, you should put your mind at ease, since this social casino is legal. To make things better, it’s one of the few social casinos that can be legally accessed in all of the states in the U.S. What may vary in the different states is the age one has to be able to join this gaming platform.

Apart from being legal, Golden Hearts Casino is also a safe gaming space. You will notice the padlock symbol in the address bar, meaning they have SSL encryption to protect all your personal information.

Does Golden Hearts Pay Real Money?

The good news about this gaming platform is that you are able to win real prizes while playing. Understandably, because this is a social casino, you are not allowed to play using real money though. Instead, you can play games in this social casino using a special kind of currency instead. Receiving these couldn’t be easier, as the amount of Golden Hearts casino free coins that are given out each day is very generous.

If you win while playing games in this online casino, you will be awarded redeemable coins in your coins account. You can redeem your coins anytime you wish, so long as your balance meets the specific eligibility defined in the Universal Platform Rules.

Not only can you win real money when playing at Golden Hearts, but you can also be rewarded with gift cards if you win. This is an excellent alternative to cash prizes, since gift cards may offer extra value. All you need is at least $5 of winnings in your account. This is just one way in which Golden Hearts Games aims to give you something extra.

Additionally, your gift card takes 2 business days to be processed.

Golden Hearts uses two types of virtual currency coins. They are unplayed coins and redeemable coins. Players can receive these coins through a variety of different ways, whether it’s limited-time promotions, competitions, or even Golden Hearts Games promo codes. They do not have any monetary value, but they can be used to pay entry fees on any promotional game.

You will receive redeemable coins as prizes in games from this platform. These redeemable coins will be directly credited to your account if you win.

Can you win money at Golden Hearts Casino?

Once you’ve accumulated enough redeemable coins, you can redeem them for cash prizes!

First things first though, for you to be able to win money at Golden Hearts, you need to create an account. The next step with give you the chance to make a donation to your favorite charity. From there, you will receive coins enabling you to play the games.

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Golden Hearts Payment Methods

Being able to transact efficiently on any gaming platform is crucial. Fast and efficient transactions have their benefits. For instance, in this social casino, you are eligible to start using your Golden Hearts casino free spins and other goodies once you complete your first purchase.

Golden Hearts has a variety of payment methods that you can use to buy coins. Not only do they have a variety of options you can choose from, but they have also ensured that all your transactions are safe and secure. Also, when you purchase coins, they will appear in your account instantly. Additionally, if your withdrawal is over $50, then your transaction is free! Otherwise, you may be charged a small fee.

They also want you to donate to your favorite charity with ease. For this reason, they have availed of all the basic payment options on their website. You can use card payments or digital wallets. The minimum amount you can donate is $10. Here are some options you can use to make donations.

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Golden Hearts Payout Review

Players can win redeemable coins and exchange them for cash prizes or gift cards. One thing this gaming platform can be proud of is the fast payouts it offers to its players. However, it’s important to note that each payment method has different time limits.

To convert redeemable coins to real cash, you must submit a redemption request first via the “My Account” page. You can submit this request any time you wish, since they operate 24/7. However, redemption requests are processed during regular business hours.

Besides supporting charitable causes, each game on this site offers a fun way to win prizes. The prizes may vary from game to game, but generally, people are known to win big on this gaming platform. This means you have the opportunity of winning while playing in this social casino.

Does Golden Hearts pay?

The answer is a simple yes. After registering an account and receiving coins, you can play games in this social casino to win real money. Once you’ve turned any of the Golden Hearts free coins into Golden Hearts redeemable coins, they’re yours for the taking.

If you save up at least 2500 redeemable coins, you can exchange them for cash prizes. For additional information, visit their Universal Platform Rules, where you will find more details on cash redemption.

How to cash out on Golden Hearts

Cashing out in Golden Hearts is pretty simple. To withdraw your winnings, head to the “My Account” section and select “Request Withdrawal” under my “Cash Balance.” Winnings will appear in your account instantly.

Knowing whether there is a fee for withdrawing your winnings is essential. If your winning balance is more than $50, you will not incur any fees. On the other hand, if it’s less than $50, there may be a fee. ACH transfers and PayPal transactions attract a lesser fee than paper checks.

Golden Hearts Withdrawal

This gaming platform recommends using PayPal or Prizeout to receive your price redemption. Using either of the two options may take less time compared to other options. Here are ways you can receive your winnings.

  • PayPal – redemption requests typically take 2 business days to be processed after the request is submitted.
  • Prizeout – redemption requests typically take 2 business days to be processed
  • Bank ACH – requests made via an ACH payment to a bank checking account take 5 days to be processed after the request has been made
  • Paper check – takes up to 10 business days to process; not including the delivery time.

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Games At Golden Hearts

The main aim of joining any social casino is to enjoy the games on offer. Golden Hearts has decided to take a completely different route, by including games that aren’t really found on other gaming platforms.

So what types of games will be found on this gaming site? If you are looking for a variety of slots or table games, this site is not for you. What dominates the game library of this social casino is bingo. Their single bingo room features games that start every 10 minutes. They offer prizes ranging from $10, all the way up to $250.

You will also find the occasional slots and table games. The few slots found in this gaming platform have been developed by in-house Golden Hearts. When it comes to table games, you will find blackjack. You will also find video poker games and poker-themed scratch cards.

Does Golden Hearts Have An App?

Golden Hearts Games understands very well that you may not be on your desktop throughout the day. This is why they have made it possible for you to access this incredible gaming platform from anywhere, without any inconvenience. You’ll never have to miss out on the chance to get those Golden Heart Casino free spins, no matter where you are.

This sweepstake casino has perfectly optimized its site for mobile use. It offers all of the same functionality as the website, only you access the game directly on your phone’s browser. Unfortunately, at the moment, they haven’t developed an official app yet.

So, what should you expect when playing on this platform on your mobile device? Developers of this social casino have used the latest HTML 5 technology to ensure everything works seamlessly on your mobile. You will enjoy the same gameplay with the same graphics and sounds as on the desktop.

Not forgetting, you can still claim Golden Hearts casino bonus codes and promo codes on your mobile device. This social casino can be accessed on Android and iOS devices.

Golden Hearts Customer Support

Great customer support tends to give players peace of mind that their issues will be handled effectively if anything goes wrong. Hence, Golden Hearts want you to have a stress-free gaming experience. That’s why they have included various ways you can get assistance on their site.

When you click on the customer support option, you will be redirected to where you will find the relevant FAQs. Apart from that, if you need to speak to somebody, you can click on the “Get In Touch” button, where you will be connected to a real person on the other end.

You can also reach Golden Hearts through their emails. For questions about your account, you can contact them through [email protected]. If you want to enquire about investments, sales, media, and business development, you can send your inquiries to [email protected].

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Website Design

Golden Hearts’ design looks a little old school, giving a little bit of a retro vibe. Once you enter this gaming site, you will notice the colorful background.

However, the functionality of this gaming platform is up to par with the best social casinos in the iGaming industry. The games, customer support, and account options are all in plain sight. Registering to this gaming platform is relatively easy and fast. You can do so using your Facebook account. In case you do not have Facebook, you can register manually using your email address.

Who Owns Golden Hearts Games?

Golden Hearts Games is a company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their sole mission is to create fun, innovative, online, and mobile promotional games which support charity and good causes.

The company started in 2019, but was launched publicly in August 2020. Ever since, they have processed over $10 million in donations and distributed them to over 44,000 non-profit organisations.

How To Delete Golden Hearts Games Account

Your time might come to an end with this lovely gaming platform. That’s why they have made it possible for you to cut ties with them. If you wish to do so, you’ll need to contact customer support.

You can submit a query or contact them through live chat to ask them to delete your account. Either way, you will get a quick response; deleting your account won’t be a hassle.

It’s important to note in the event your account is determined to be in violation of the policies of Golden Hearts Games, two things will happen. Your donations will be refunded, and your account will be permanently closed.


Without any doubt, there is no other social casino like Golden Hearts Games casino. Being able to donate to charities while enjoying your favorite online games is not a mean fete. Not only that, but you have a very real possibility of winning real money prizes while you do so.

They have made it possible for you to increase your gameplay by having various offers in place. You can use Golden Hearts casino promo codes or bonus codes to claim bags of virtual coins to play with in their bingo hall.

If you get enough of these that you can make a withdrawal, Golden Hearts have also made it easy for you to redeem your coins into cash.

Although bingo dominates the gaming library of this social casino, you will find amazing slots, table games, and poker games too. You can contact customer support if you have an issue while on this gaming platform. You will be assisted promptly, ensuring you have the best gaming experience. If you are not satisfied, you are at liberty to delete your account.

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What is Golden Hearts Games casino?

This is a promotional social casino where players get to donate to various charities while enjoying the games on offer.

How can I claim bonuses in Golden Hearts casino?

There are various ways you can claim bonuses in Golden Hearts casino. One of those ways is through Golden Hearts casino promo codes.

Which types of bonuses and promotions can I get at Golden Hearts Casino?

You might receive free spins or free coins as a bonus from Golden Heart Games, if you have the right promo code!

Can I win real money when playing at Golden Hearts casino?

Yes, you can win real money prizes while playing in Golden Hearts casino. If you save up at least 2500 redeemable coins, you can redeem a cash prize with them.

What types of games can I play in Golden Hearts casino?

Bingo dominates the gaming library of this social casino. However, you can still find slots and table games.


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