$Golden Crypto Tops Gold Again — 24hr ROI Beats Metal’s 5-Year Yields

It was suggested the market cap of Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] cryptocurrency would reach US$500,000 last week.   And today it has done that, ramping upward on charts to a new All-Time High [ATH] after it was listed on CoinGecko, a top cryptocurrency index.  According to charts, the token’s value went moon bound, gaining +54% in value. This puts the crypto in the conversation of “cryptos worth more than gold,” as it’s had multiple days in the past 3 weeks where it’s gained over 50%; an amount Gold [AU] investors have only seen over 5 years of holding the precious metal.

Price Of $Gold vs $Golden 

According to JMBuillion, Gold prices have gone up 54.27% in the last 5 years.     In 15 years, the feverishly favored precious metal went up over 125.09%.   

Compare this to the $Golden crypto [traded here],  the most robustly growing token on the Binance blockchain in March 2023.  In what’s called a ‘crypto moon shot,’ the BNB-chain token has gone up nearly 600% in just 3 weeks — and far from a ceiling in market capitalization.    

Investors in the Golden Inu token have run laps around gold investors, who’ve held gold the last 15 years, only to gain 1/12th of what retail crypto traders have from their ‘$Golden’ digi-egg.

Golden Inu Token Aims To Change People’s Lives

The token’s on a path that’s unprecedented in not only lists of ‘commodity value increases,’ but also in the technology space.   It’s truly setting itself apart from other cryptos by just being active in producing consumer-helpful products.

The first web3 [community] app produced came just a few days after its first listing day on a public crypto-exchange.   This application was a collaboration with Quest N and Golden Inu titled “Golden Quest.” 

A job platform, the “Quest” provides paid work [in $Golden tokens] to community members who help build out the ecosystem.  And there’s small jobs alongside skilled jobs available, which has made the crypto ecosystem attractive enough to get nearly 50 registered users per day.  And all of these people are learning to use the $Golden token. 

Shaquille O’Neal once said he invests in products as instructed by a message from Jeff Bezos: invest into products that will change people’s lives.  This cryptocurrency is aiming to do just that.   It’s on the cusps of starting something that could revolutionize the eCommerce world — and ironically, it’s inspired by Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

$Golden Dashboard App

The Golden Inu Token will launch their anticipated $Golden Dashboard this week. Though the company only confirms ‘before April 15th,’  users on their subreddit community and social media groups speculate it will come in the next few days as a screenshot of the finished product was tweeted last week.

This will be a 2nd app with defined utility.  It will be the second new crypto app within the first month of the digital currency being traded publicly.  

Among all cryptocurrency brands, this is unprecedented.   The amount of users registering and using these new cryptos apps is also raising the bar on industry standards.

Though the ‘$Golden Dashboard,’ will only be the 1st phase of ‘changing people’s lives,’ the enthusiasm of people shows the cryptocurrency’s community job platform is attracting skilled professionals.  Also, the DAO structure is functioning as designed, auto-generating opportunity and wealth.

Golden Inu Bzaar, a Crypto Market Place

Golden Inu Bazaar; a $Golden Marketplace App

The extension of the dashboard, $Golden Bazaar is what’s most anticipated.  Phase 3 of the Ecosystem, it has been described by the brand as “a place like Shopify meets Amazon, but for $GOLDEN token holders.” 

As Bezos and Amazon re-invented the way people look at shopping, Golden Inu token hopes to take a step in that direction for the Web3 world.  If the team engineering the ecosystem continues developing at the pace of products released today, the $Golden marketplace could be changing the way crypto traders do business before 2023’s end. However, that’s only a hypothesis.

As for now, more retail crypto traders are converging on the idea that the Golden Inu token is here to stay — Binance Chain’s answer to Ethereum’s Shiba Inu.  And as all things with Binanace, the token has more security than its rival, holding a liquidity pool that’s 25% of the market cap and to eventually be $1-to-$1.    


Just added to CoinGecko, it’s highly likely that Coin Market Cap and all other major coin indexes will also begin to list Golden Inu [$Golden] tokens.   If this does happen this week, it could be the catalyst behind dramatic increase in token price and send the BNB-chain crypto into a new stratosphere of value.

This is the typical process of all crypto currencies.   

Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and others have billions of dollars in total market capitalization value.  This is the value of tokens in circulation but none of them have the liquidity pool ratio that is close to the $Golden token.   

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