Gold & Silver Standard and MRHB DeFi Team Up to Provide Fully-Compliant Platform for Islamic Investors

Gold & Silver Standard

(Melbourne, Australia) 30 January 2023 – Gold & Silver Standard, a subsidiary of the Ainslie Bullion group, has announced its collaboration with MRHB.Network to offer a fully-compliant decentralised platform for Islamic investors and those looking for an ethical means to invest in precious metals.

Gold & Silver Standard is part of the nearly 50-year-old Ainslie Bullion group. Through its collaboration with MRHB.Network, the company aims to provide Islamic investors with opportunities to benefit from halal precious metals holdings.

Our new partnership will provide Islamic investors of MRHB.Network’s TijarX platform with access to gold and silver investments,” Gold & Silver Standard Director, Paul Engeman, said.

MRHB.Network maintains a decentralised cryptocurrency platform for Islamic Finance and adheres to ethical and halal financial principles. It offers interest-free crypto financing, moving away from the interest-based lending and opaque proof of reserves model that’s prevalent in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. According to MRHB.Network, the imposition of interest has contributed to high levels of indebtedness that do not align with the principles governing the Islamic faith.

Furthermore, Gold & Silver Standard has established a long-term Shariah advisory agreement with the Centre for Islamic Economics Australia (CIEA). “We believe it is our responsibility to pioneer ethical and compliant investment opportunities to all investors,” Engeman said.

The collaboration allows DeFi community members to acquire digital assets fully backed by physical gold and silver bullion that is already vaulted, independently verified and insured. “We offer investors access to 100% gold- and silver-backed cryptocurrencies that can help diversify their portfolios with precious metals investments,” Engeman added.

Through the partnership, Gold & Silver Standard can offer much-needed ethical and inclusive investment options while strengthening its position in the blockchain sector.

About Gold & Silver Standard
Gold & Silver Standard was founded in 1974 and is owned by Ainslie Bullion. Investors can buy digitalized tokens that are backed by gold and silver bullion. The company stores the tokens in a vault maintained by a trusted expert in a secure location.

About MRHB
MRHB TijarX is a halal DeFi platform that offers ethical investment options like Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens. The tokens themselves are fully backed by allocated, independently audited, and insured gold and silver bullion stored in Australia’s Reserve Vault.

Contact Information
Name: Paul Engeman
Tel: +61 7 3221 0500
Email: [email protected]

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