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Even in 2020, there are ample people who will dismiss Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A proven track record of eleven years isn’t sufficient to educate everyone as to how Bitcoin really works.

A very interesting discussion has become apparent on Reddit.

Educate Yourself on Bitcoin Before Ranting

In the screenshot, one user seems to claim how the supply of Bitcoin isn’t finite.

Everyone knows what there will only be a maximum of 21 million BTC, as the supply will not be altered.

That being said, it is still possible to mine Bitcoin and generate new BTC on the network.

That process will carry on until the year 2140, give or take.

Claiming how “one can add Bitcoin at the click of a button” seems to be fairly misguided, however.

This same user also claims how the current, circulating, and maximum supply cannot be verified in any capacity.

Finding out those details takes, at most, two minutes to verify.

This user also appears to be taken aback by the fact that no one can “bail out users if they lose Bitcoin”.

There are no offices, no companies, no hotline.

Only normal, as this is a decentralized form of money that isn’t controlled by anyone.

Even so, all of these aspects add up to, according to the user, a sue-less and faceless scam.


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