The Power of Going Outside in the Face of Burnout

going outside

Nearly everyone that I speak with these days has some level of burnout or stress from a prolonged global pandemic, war, and other such uncertainty. Many of us to not utilize the time off that we are given at work, and this is not sustainable. Taking breaks and practicing self care are essential to a healthy and balanced work / life situation – and the power of going outside can help as well.

Sadly, 55% of Americans do not use anywhere close to the paid time off (PTO) that they are allowed to in their schedule. Why? Many are worried about the amount of work for when they will be back, or negative thought patterns that they can and will be replaced.

We could all use a break and do so in exploring the outdoors, especially as we have been trapped inside for so long. Learn more about the importance of going outside in the infographic below, courtesy of BookOutdoors:

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