Gnox (GNOX) SolidProof Audit Could Attract Bitcoin (BTC) And ApeCoin (APE) Holders On Launch Day


Since September, Google’s parent company Alphabet has invested more than $1.5 billion into blockchain companies; they join a long list of corporate investors, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Samsung, and most recently BlackRock. Global adoption is coming, and the face of the digital asset sphere will be irrevocably changed. This influx of capital will drive market caps upwards, and the current price of assets could be the last phase of significant accumulation for the ordinary investor.

A new protocol Gnox (GNOX), focusing on providing investors passive income, has released the results of its smart contract audits. Gnox hired SolidProof, a leading German firm, and with their endorsement, investors from across the ecosystem are looking to target Gnox’s launch, specifically Bitcoin (BTC) and ApeCoin (APE) holders.

Gnox (GNOX)- DeFi’s Low-Touch Solution

Gnox makes DeFi (decentralised finance) earning easy. Following suggestions from SolidProof, the developers have optimised the smart contracts, and the audit result is publicly available. Bitcoin and ApeCoin investors like what they see and given the growth potential of Gnox, are eager to partake in the presale. Likely the last opportunity to buy GNOX while the market still undervalues it.

Gnox employs buy and sell taxes to build a treasury fund that earns on investors’ behalf. The developers have dubbed this stratagem ‘Hold To Earn’, and Gnox provides a monthly stablecoin reflection and an automatic hourly distribution of GNOX tokens. This low-touch solution allows investors to take a more hands-off approach to DeFi whilst benefiting from the sphere’s accelerated growth. Gnox’s treasury does the hard work and allows ordinary crypto investors to partake in the lucrative profits of DeFi.

Bitcoin (BTC)- The Store of Value

Bitcoin, the leading digital asset, repeats a pattern every four years known as its trading cycle. BTC is currently in its accumulation phase, the best time to buy, and the current price point of BTC is likely the prime entry point for the next four years.

BTC trades at $24,000. Down from its November 2021 peak of $69,000, a retracement of 65% and investors will look back at this market phase as an incredible accumulation opportunity. Bitcoin displays high price volatility but is arguably the best long-term store of value in the world.

ApeCoin (APE)- The Web3 Economy

ApeCoin is the medium of exchange for the Ape economy. The Ape Foundation is pushing the development of Web3, and APE was created so that the community could grow and become decentralised. ApeCoin holders are entitled to vote on proposals submitted to the Ape Foundation, and the central idea behind APE is to create a protocol layer for community-led action that helps push the future Web3.

APE trades comfortably above $6 and is backed by Yuga Labs and their incredibly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT range. Making it an excellent choice for investors who want to direct Web3’s future.

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