Gnox (GNOX) Next 50x Gem According To BakerySwap (BAKE) And BitDAO (BIT) Investors


Are you looking for the next 50x gem in an overcrowded crypto marketplace? Well, some highly successful investors in BitDAO and BakerySwap have turned their attention toward GNOX as the next big thing in the DeFi space.

From what started as a community presale has now garnered plenty of attention ahead of its launch. It will be the first reflection project in the world to stake its own treasury and generate passive returns for the community. This would be made possible through a new standard in tokenomics.

Given the need for innovation in DeFi, Gnox came into existence to mitigate the risks involved in investing. Entry-level investors have little to no idea about technical jargon like yield farming or liquidity pools. Researching the best options can also be a huge task. Gnox eliminates all the intermediate steps and offers “yield farming as a service” to investors.

Treasury assets in the form of stablecoins, LP tokens, and NFTs are utilized in the best way possible to generate maximum returns. 40% of that is given away to the community for just holding tokens in an eligible wallet. For every GNOX trade, 1% will also be credited to the holders. This two-way source of passive income makes Gnox a protocol of choice for many new investors.

Besides rewarding the users, Gnox also has plans to become a comprehensive platform where yield farmers and investors can take advantage of its multichain functionality and aggregator tools. A decentralized exchange is also in the pipeline, which will further make way for passive income.

Given the huge demand of Gnox during the presale phase, it would be safe to say that the project will be on track for a successful launch. The incentives on offer will boost long-term investments, while scheduled token burns will keep the demand going. A new wave of investors is expected to push the prices to unimaginable heights, and one can expect at least 50x by the next bull run. A lot will depend on how the development shapes up!





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