Gnox (GNOX) Is $50,000 On The Way To Showing LidoDAO (LDO) And MakerDAO (MKR) How To Multiply A Treasury


Treasury management is an essential function for the success of DeFi (decentralised finance) protocols. A new yield farming as a service protocol, Gnox (GNOX), launching imminently on the Binance Smart Chain, is leading the way with its growth specialised treasury fund.

The Gnox team have injected $50,000 to start the fund, meaning all investors will be earning passive income at launch, but analysts have pointed to the terrifying potential for the treasury to grow. This new treasury-based DeFi earning protocol will lead the way and show other protocols, such as LidoDAO (LDO) and MakerDAO (MKR), how to truly make a treasury grow.

Gnox (GNOX)

Making DeFi earning straightforward is a dream for many DeFi enthusiasts who invest massive amounts of time into managing their strategies. Gnox leverages its treasury to streamline the process of generating yield into a single token. The protocol’s developers dubbed GNOX ‘Hold To Earn’, with the token providing a monthly stablecoin reflection and an automatic hourly redistribution. The team has built this passive income machine by employing buy and sell taxes.

All open trading of GNOX on the open market contributes to the treasury, and it is only the generated interested payments that are distributed to holders. The principal of the treasury is never touched, meaning it continuously grows and increases its earning capabilities. After a few months, GNOX holders could receive stablecoin reflections that surpass their expectations. When these payouts appear, the price of GNOX is expected to rocket.


Lido provides liquidity for staked assets and has exploded in popularity with the Ethereum Merge. ETH staked on the Beacon Chain is locked until Merge completion, but Lido allows investors to earn staking rewards whilst using their stETH tokens to earn in DeFi. stETH can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio for ETH post-merge. This layered earning solution has already attracted more than $8 billion in liquidity.

LDO is the governance token and an excellent opportunity for investors. As the Lido protocol continues to attract greater capital sums, LDO continues to appreciate. Solving the illiquidity of staking is a huge step forwards for digital assets, and LDO will rally in price, fitting for its value proposition.

MakerDAO (MKR)

MakerDAO is the protocol which allows anyone with digital assets to collateralise them and mint DAI, a genuinely decentralised stablecoin. DAI is the fourth largest stablecoin by market cap, and MakerDAO is a fundamental building block of the DeFi landscape. It ranks number one judged by TVL (Total Value Locked) and has more liquidity locked in its contracts than any other protocol.

MakerDAO allows anyone to access the benefits of digitised dollars, which can be sent globally within minutes for fractions of a cent. MKR is the governance and utility token used for this lending platform, and typical of governance tokens grows alongside its native platform.

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