Gigantic Token Burn Has Investors Rejoicing – First Price estimates rank the project near Nexo and Fantom


Uniglo investors have every reason to be excited. A substantial token burn has created enormous upwards price pressure. Following the fundamental law of supply, a sharp decline in supply leads to a pronounced increase in price. 

Scarcity increases value, and early price estimates put Uniglo alongside top-tier projects like Nexo and Fantom.

Uniglo‘s runaway success has shocked investors, but analysts who have investigated the project see Uniglo’s rise as natural. Uniglo provides a long-term store of value and offers broad market exposure to digital assets and high-end tangible goods such as fine art- typically unaffected by market behavior. This unique blend of assets held by Uniglo offers the best of both worlds: the explosive price action of digital assets and the long-term stability of physical goods. Uniglo has blended growth speculation with wealth preservation and introduced a diversified portfolio in a single token. 

A further value accrual mechanism is the protocol’s ‘Ultra Burn Mechanic,’ a highly aggressive burning strategy. This inbuilt scarcity guarantees an appreciating valuation. With the most recent burn announcement, analysts have openly stated that this supply shock could well send GLO into a parabolic rally. Listed by Business2Community as one of 2022’s best projects, the coming months promise to be exhilarating for Uniglo investors.


Nexo is the one-stop shop for all crypto investors. This centralized exchange provides a fiat on/ off fiat ramp, lending services, and even an earn section where investors can generate passive income. NEXO, the native token, has seen success due to its utility function on the platform. Holders of NEXO pay reduced interest rates on loans and receive boosted yields on deposited funds. On top of this, NEXO holders also receive dividends from Nexo’s profits, and this mechanism has created significant buying pressure for NEXO. 


Fantom is a third-generation layer one blockchain. Fantom was part of the cohort of blockchains collectively dubbed ‘The Ethereum Killers.’ It introduced scalability to DeFi, and thanks to developers like Andre Cronje rapidly became one of the most dynamic and innovative ecosystems. Fantom remains the unofficial king of DeFi, and despite a heavy retracement in the bear market, investors continue accumulating. The next expansionary phase of DeFi will see FTM make another large rally. 

Closing Thoughts 

Prevailing market conditions appear bleak, and investors rush to secure their portfolios against a further downturn. In the coming months, the tokens that flourish will be those with solid value accrual mechanisms. Uniglo’s deflationary nature and digital asset backing make it a leading contender to be one of 2022’s best projects and one of the most ferocious gainers.

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