Getting started in domain trading with Cloudname

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Some of you might have heard before about domain trading as one of those activities that promise to become a major trend in 2022. 

As any other new trend appearing in a relatively short time before, it is not always easy to get started and gather enough information. 

Even more difficult it results to understand which tools are the most reliable and efficient when beginning an activity.

Here we will aim to briefly explain or refresh your knowledge about what domain trading is and also present one of the most recent start-ups in this sector.

The definition of domain trading

Domain trading is the process of buying and selling domains with the aim of generating an economic return. The key to success in domain trading is to buy low and sell high, a simple concept, but one that has many implications. Let’s go and see them.

This activity has been around for more than two decades, but it still seems shrouded in mystery. The best way to describe domain trading is that it is like trading stocks or commodities, but with domain names as commodities.

You can trade them as you would a stock or bond or anything else that people trade as an investment. Simply put, domain trading is like buying stocks. You buy a domain, and if it’s of value, you can sell it for a higher price by earning money on the difference between buying and selling.

One rising star: Cloudname

Domain names are supposed to be the digital real estate of the future. Unfortunately, they are still stuck in the 90s, where you can only buy and sell them with a few clicks on an old spreadsheet. Cloudname is changing this and brings domain names to the very heart of the blockchain technology – NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – combined with features such as user-friendly statistics that are usually found in centralized platforms only.

In fact, Cloudname is the first all-in-one platform that combines domain managing tools with a vibrant marketplace so you can buy and sell domains while getting advanced tools to manage your traffic, conversions, and keywords. Through the use of cryptocurrencies, tokenization, and smart contracts, domains are designed to be managed by their owners as digital assets creating access to a safe and secure decentralized domain market where ownership is tokenized but domain control remains with the domain owner. Domain owners benefit from more control over their domains as well as more profit from their investment due to fractionalization.

The 3 main features of the platform

  1. Buy, sell or rent. Cloudname is the first platform that combines domain managing tools with a vibrant marketplace. You can buy, sell and manage your domain all in one place while taking advantage of the advanced statistics to always keep ahead of the curve.
  2. Tokenize! Cloudname finally brings domain names to the web 3.0. Thanks to NFTs you can now tokenize and fractionalize your domains, this allows for endless possibilities such as shared ownership, instant settlements, and much more. Domain names are Assets, Cloudname enables you to manage them as you like! 
  3. AI autopilot. If you can quantify it, you can control it. Cloudname enables you to see through domain price estimation, always keep up to date with the most recent semantic trends and keywords. Also, thanks to the A.I.-enabled autopilot function, you can let our algorithms spot and invest in upcoming trends! 

If we’ve persuaded you that domain trading is a fantastic investment opportunity, or you want to find out more then sign up to Cloudname today and get started.

We have a community of experts and domain traders ready to help you if you have further questions and exciting new developments being launched soon! 

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