Getting in early: Sport’s Blockchain Boom is coming

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Last week, the hotly anticipated IQQ Token launched on Bittrex, the first of a number of exchanges set to list the token this month. 

Created by IQONIQ FanEcosystem, the new IQQ is already causing quite the stir online. The reason being is twofold. Firstly, the vast number of ways in which this new utility token will be used by its holders when the IQONIQ Group’s new app launches later in the year. Secondly, how App and Token businesses are ensuring blockchain is a fundamental lever in guiding the future of fan engagement. 

Perfect timing 

The crypto market’s recent upturn, at a time of wider global economic turmoil due in large part to the global pandemic, has reaffirmed the blockchain’s promises of revolutionizing the ways we’re able to trade securely. Topics like the importance of privacy and self-determination have also been thrust back into the fore. 

With the launch of the IQQ Token, and later this year the IQONIQ App, blockchain is itself being propelled into the mainstream, supporting some of the most exciting and engaging global markets, such as the sports and entertainment sectors. 

The Upside: The potential future value IQQ is clear 

The IQONIQ Group, the creators of the new, soon-to-launch engagement app, already boasts an impressive list of over 100 global sports property partners across F1, Formula E, football, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, drone racing, and many more, with a further 200 partner discussion ongoing. It has, unlike many other blockchain ‘projects’ that have come and gone over the years, gone beyond the concept stage. It is now entering the final stages of unveiling a whole new universe of engagement for not only rights holders, idols, and brands, but also fans and now crypto investors. 

Once launched, the app will allow IQQ token holders to unlock exclusive in-app elements, beyond the content, merchandise, ticket shops, memorabilia, prizes, AR, games, and OTT platforms, open to fans via the app. IQQs can also be redeemed and utilized to supercharge in-app Loyalty Points rewarded to fans for their loyalty and engagement. 

Another key catalyst for IQONIQ’s potential growth is in its early adoption of digital collectables. Recognized largely today as NFTs, these collectibles were always a fundamental part of the puzzle when the app was created; ensuring it could become the world’s largest sports and entertainment NFT marketplace when launched. As a result, not only will users earn and trade them through the app, IQONIQ will be actively releasing digital collectables into the market, as well as encouraging rights owners to create and mint their own NFTs with IQONIQ.

When the number of those partnerships already secured is taken into account, combined by the host of rights, access and exclusivity each one affords, and then multiplied by the sheer scale of the already well-established and engaged collective fansbase of each of those partners, the potential future value of the IQQ starts to become clearer. 

IQONIQ is driving engagement, and understanding

One key problem with previous blockchain-app ventures, was most fledgeling  projects constantly tried to find problems to fit into their solution. Rather than the other way round. For IQONIQ, the longstanding problem had always been to try and capture the massive lost value in fan engagement.

“Sports clubs, companies, and athletes find all these billions of individual engagements on a daily basis incredibly frustrating,” explained Kazim Atilla, Founder and CEO of IQONIQ Group and IQONIQ FanEcosystem. 

“There’s a massive void that runs right between the rights holder and their fanbase. On the surface, the big numbers are great. But likes, shares and smiling emojis only get you so far when trying to extract actual commercial value from your engagement efforts. Teams and leagues just don’t know who is liking their posts, why that fan is engaging, that fan’s likelihood or propensity to purchase a ticket, or a jersey, or even a scarf. They don’t learn about what fans really want. They don’t know how to leverage all this information to generate more revenue. As a result, content is not tailored and not really “special”. At IQONIQ, we’re fixing this for both the hundreds of millions of fans wanting a more personal and rewarding relationship, and the rights holders themselves.” 

Atilla believes that to capture the true value of sports engagement, fans should be able to interact more closely with their clubs, leagues and sports idols, and there should be a single platform to accurately measure all of that engagement. But furthermore, IQONIQ’s use of blockchain technology is driving greater opportunities for sports and entertainment in general, via its app. Great news for the IQQ Token holder, fans, and rights holders alike. 

Blockchain & the IQQ Token: A bright future ahead

“The different facets of blockchain technology such as digitizing assets, programmable and trackable interaction transparently, fewer intermediaries and costs, and real-time data visibility, all perfectly serve the requirements of today’s sports fans.” Continued Atilla. “The ability to record and reward interaction and social engagement, while preserving security and personal privacy takes the value IQONIQ delivers to another level.” 

The listing of IQQ on Bittrex Global, is just the first step. It’s clear, this is not a sprint, but a marathon. But the upsides are clear and obvious. The additional exchange listings later this month will help IQONIQ expand its community by becoming even more accessible to investors and fans from across the world. 

Those interested in becoming part of that community and joining the revolution which is set to drive the next generation of fan engagement should visit Bittrex Global now, to trade IQQ.

The IQQ Tokens are issued and marketed by IQONIQ FanEcosystem OU, an independent entity from IQONIQ Group SARL, which is the owner of the forthcoming revolutionary fan engagement app.

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