Get set for life with Gnox Token (GNOX) and Luna 2.0


Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular due to the increasing value of specific crypto assets. There are dozens of crypto projects on the market with more being created every day. 

According to crypto experts, Gnox and Luna 2.0 will explode in 2022 and provide unimaginable returns.

  • Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is creating a decentralized ecosystem that passively rewards those who hold its native token. This cryptocurrency is currently in its presale, and with a July launch date, it provides the best opportunity for holders to get in early, before the initial coin offering surge.

Gnox, whose tagline is “Making DeFi Easy,” is ideal for people who want to earn money from DeFi but do not want to manage multiple pools in the crypto market.

Through continuous improvement of the existing version, Gnox identified a market gap where treasury funds can be used to help users in ways other than a flat percentage of all transactions.

Gnox’s treasury is a multi-signature-protected vault in which the majority of its stable coins, DeFi LP tokens and NFTs will be stored.

These funds are utilized to provide liquidity to profitable pools and earn interest. Depending on the size of their portfolio, the token holders receive a proportional share of the returns generated by these investments.

They will begin with a small treasury, but their purchasing power will increase as it grows. It will also improve their ability to develop more distinctive features and generate more rewards for their long-term holders.

  • Luna 2.0

Luna 2.0, the replacement coin for the defunct Luna cryptocurrency, which crashed last month and wiped out $60 billion in market capitalization, may be experiencing a dead cat bounce.

After a rocky start, the new LUNA token is up more than 40% as of May 30. It peaked at $30 before plummeting to a low of $3.5 on its first day of trading, and the token is now on a tear ahead of its Binance listing on May 31.

The price increase occurred just hours before the launch of Luna 2.0 on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Fans of Terraform Labs and its Luna cryptocurrency, known as LUNAtics, are hoping to recoup their losses through a new project.


In recent days, cryptocurrency markets have shown bullish momentum. Surprisingly, LUNA and LUNA 2.0 experienced significant price increases. Gnox, the first token on the list, has gained the attention of crypto enthusiasts after its price increased by 52%.

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