Using Genetic Testing to Predict Severe COVID-19

covid genetic prediction test

After more than a year of the global pandemic doing its damage shutting down much of how the world works, we are relieved that there is now a vaccine.

However, depending on where you live in the world, vaccine distribution is not equal by a long shot. The majority of adults in the United States are now fully vaccinated. This is not to the point of the estimated 70-85% immunization needed for herd immunity, but getting there. Other places in the world are still rising in terms of COVID cases and their immunizations are sadly in short supply.

There’s got to be a better way of distributing the various COVID vaccines – but how? Genetics, a fairly new division of modern medicine, is laying the groundwork as we speak. By using a COVID-19 genetic risk test, you’ll be able to test against 16 comorbidities to see if you would develop severe COVID-19. All this with an at-home test with results in a matter of days.

Learn more in the infographic below:

Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk

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