Gen Z is Taking Over

Gen Z brands

As Generation Z continues to become more prevalent in today’s economy, it is apparent that tailoring to the Gen Z market is an essential component of driving some of the largest companies forward. Studies show that Gen Z is far more likely to purchase from inclusive and sustainable businesses than those who aren’t.

Generation Z focuses more on where a product originates, its impact, and less than simply possessing it. Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z say they would pay more for a sustainably sourced product than its unsustainable counterpart. And 51 percent of Gen Z would prefer to support a company that promotes inclusivity initiatives than one that doesn’t. Gen Z is growing in its influence over the market, and its motive is clear: shift focus from the best and cheapest product to one of an ethical and sustainable origin, even if it means a price jump.

Learn more about Gen Z’s habits in the infographic below:

How Gen Z Relates To Brands and How it Will Disrupt Global Markets

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