Gemini’s Discontent with Genesis’ Bankruptcy Resolution: An In-depth Analysis

gemini’s-discontent-with-genesis’-bankruptcy-resolution:-an-in-depth-analysis Three Arrows Capital

The cryptocurrency space is no stranger to its fair share of legal battles and disputes. A recent filing from attorneys representing the renowned crypto exchange, Gemini, brings to light glaring concerns about Genesis’ proposed bankruptcy resolution. The heart of the matter revolves around the lack of detail and assurance, and these concerns are echoed by more than one group of stakeholders.

The Gemini Standpoint

Gemini’s representation firmly asserts that the drafted resolution for Genesis’ financial distress lacks specifics. In their Wednesday filing, they emphasize the absence of adequate details and highlight concerns for the major debtors, suggesting an uncertain future for the involved parties. “The ‘agreement in principle’ disclosed on August 29, 2023, while involving significant entities like the Committee and DCG [Digital Currency Group], lacks precision and is yet to be fortified with definitive documentation,” remarked the filing from Gemini. The limited insight presented by the Debtors only strengthens Gemini’s standpoint, revealing the agreement’s lack of substantial economic thought.

The Fair Deal Group, a body of ad hoc creditors, has also expressed its reservations. Echoing Gemini’s apprehensions, they question the agreement’s efficacy in securing all debts owed by Genesis. The group underscores Genesis’ failure to implement a practical plan, making the situation appear even more volatile.

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Genesis’ financial woes became public knowledge with its bankruptcy filing earlier this year. Documents from late August hint at possible compensation for unsecured creditors, projecting up to 90% repayment in U.S. dollar equivalent. However, the comprehensive specifics remain in the shadows, leaving stakeholders in a quandary.

DCG’s Controversial Role 

Tensions heightened further with an additional filing from the Ad Hoc Group of Genesis Lenders. They contended the participation of the Digital Currency Group (DCG) as being “grossly inadequate to settle even the universally recognized loan dues.” This sentiment, shared by the parties above, led to demands for terminating an exclusive window which granted Genesis the leeway to frame terms through mediations.

A noteworthy aspect in Gemini’s filing is the recurring promise from the Debtors. “Time and again, they’ve alluded to an imminent plan addressing claims against DCG. Yet, they continuously prolong mediation durations, hearing schedules, and bid timelines,” Gemini’s documentation elucidated. The situation becomes direr, as DCG reportedly defaulted on approximately $630 million in loans slated for May 2023.

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